Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preggie Update

I have been so bad at keeping up with blogging about this pregnancy. Today I'm 11 weeks! This pregnancy has been kind of different than the last two. I'm not as nauseous but I'm so tired! I just want to nap all day but of course with two kids and one I baby sit, thats not an option. I started having horrible round ligament pain on my left side this week. Also its true what they say about the third child and being bigger. Must be the muscle memory. I have gained an inch on my chest and an inch on my belly. Haha I'm slightly nervous to see how big I get towards the end. 

I am loving having a midwife this time around. I've only had one appointment so far but it was great. We are doing a home birth this time around and I'm so excited to experience it and everything that comes with it. I loved my labors with Noah and Rebekah. They were so spiritual and I was able to do things the way I wanted but looking back at pictures I remember having some things I didn't want. I was able to have the natural labor and I had my family there with me. The things I didn't like looking back are : having to be on iv for fluids, given oxygen and also having to stay at the hospital for days after having the babies. 

I have an appointment with Steohaine my midwife next week and an ultrasound in 2 weeks. Can't wait to hear the heartbeat! 

Here are some instagrams from the last few weeks. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Anniversary Getaway!

I think every couple with kids needs to do this every once in a while. 

Sean and I have been married 4 years now. It has gone so quickly. I love him more and more every day :) Our anniversary was July 13th but we didn't do much since it was a Sunday. We did have a nice day with the kids and church was great. 

We decided it would be nice to get away and take sometime to be alone. My parents and sister Amanda were amazing and watched the kids for us while we stayed 2 nights in a hotel. We dropped Noah and Rebekah off at my parents house Wednesday (16th) at 4pm. Noah didn't even get upset when we left. He and Rebekah were so excited for a sleepover with grandma and grandpa. Cortney even spent the night as well. The following day they spent with grandma and then Amanda took them home with her for a sleepover Thursday night. From the pictures I saw on Facebook they had a blast! 

Sean and I had so much fun relaxing and spending time together. Wednesday night we ate at the hotel. Drurry Inn is the best hotel to stay at! They have so many extras for free! We especially love the giant jacuzzi tub! Then we went back to the hotel and watched lots of tv and relaxed. Thursday morning we had a delicious breakfast again provided by the hotel. We got to make out own waffles! We are easily excited by food especially when it's free. Later that morning we went to the musical instrument museum in Phoenix. I have been a few times but Sean had never been. I knew he would love it and of course he did. Music is a big part of his life. We spent 3 hours there and still didn't see everything. We will for sure be going back to experience it all. I love how we get to listen to the sounds and music the instruments from all around the world make. Music is truly the language of the soul. If you get the chance you should definitely check it out. 

We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and even stopped by Andreas work (she works half a mile from where we were staying )to say hi. Later in the evening after dinner we went to Scottsdale for the Art Walk they have every Thursday night. The art galleries open their doors to the public for free for viewing. We especially enjoyed the paintings done by Frank Balaam. He does amazing things. The gallery owner told us about him and his inspiration for the line he had just done. Apparently his family owns a very old Forrest and each painting was a shot from different areas of it. Also he comes from a line of artists. 

Friday morning we checked out at 11am and went to get our sweet babies from grandma. It was such a great time to recharge our parental batteries and get to be alone and remind ourselves why we love each other so much :) I'm such a lucky girl to have an amazing hubby and adorable sweet children.