Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Late Father's Day

I forgot to post about our Father's Day. I bought Sean a giant card and on the inside traced Noah and Rebekah's foot and head and on the top wrote "I love you from my head down to my toes"  We made daddy a delicious lunch and went to my parents house that evening. It was a fun day. 

I love Sean. He is such a great daddy to these littles. They have the most fun with him. Every day when he comes home from work Noah and Rebekah run to the door to greet him and get picked up for loves. He works hard to provide for us and takes care of all our needs. Love you sweetie. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rogers Family Staycation and Rebekah's 1st Birthday

My family was planning on going to Colorado this month but it didn't end up working out due to family not being able to get enough time off work. So we decided to just plan as many fun activites as we could for the weekend. It was a blast! Also Rebekah's birthday was on Friday so we celebrated that :) Thursday we went to the Arizona Natural History Museum. Carlos had to work and so did Andrea but everyone else was able to go. The kids loved it! There was even story time with an activity for them. They got to make hungry catipillar hats. Amanda found some puzzles and us siblings ended up doing them while the kids ran around and the grandparents followed them haha. We all panned for gold too! I had Calli Thursday and Friday so she joined in the fun as well.

Friday we went to the splashpad at Mesa Riverview park and played on the playground. Then we celebrated Rebekah's 1st birthday at Flipside. We got to go bowling, bumper cars and play arcade games. Rebekah had fun watching us and seeing all the lights. I can't believe she is so big! 


Saturday we went to the Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium. Everyone was able to make it too so it was even better. Rebekah loved the animals and was especially interested in the fishes. She got to feed the giraffes too. Noah's favorite thing was the peacocks and feeding the giraffes. Jerimiah Cortney and Noah held hands and ran around all over. David wasn't walking yet (he started walking on Father's Day !) so he mostly stayed in the stroller or was held. Joshua and Rebekah got into everything. Haha. Mom and dad bought us girls all matching hats at the zoo so we all looked beautiful. The kids all got hats too! At the end of the day Amanda Cortney Noah Sean and I on one boat and Robyn Jerimiah Andrea and my dad in the other boat went on the log ride. It was the kids first big kid ride. They all thought it was so fun! Noah and Cortney both cried when the water hit them but then calmed down when we laughed about it and told them we were wet too. The rushing down part they all thought was awesome. 

It was such a great week. I'm glad we were able to be together and make such fun memories.