Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am the luckiest

Sean is seriously the best husband ever. After many months of marriage and having a baby and just going through life together I have decided undoubtably that this is fact. (figured this out long ago but just decided that it needed to be written down for all of history.) Sean is so caring. He is so sweet and patient with Noah. I know that some nights when all we want to do is sleep but Noah just wants to play it can get tough. But there is Sean so sweet and willing to play. I have caught him just laying there staring at our cute little angel sleeping. He just has this proud dad face like he is thinking "I am his father, what a lucky guy I am." I just love it. I also love how Sean loves me. He is always thinking of what he can do to be a better husband. Like that is even possible right? But still he some how finds a way to do it. I love him. I love what a great dad he is, I love what a great provider he is. I love how he always makes me smile. I love that even when I'm being ridiculous and worrying over the most unneeded things he just smiles and still loves me fully and lets me get it all out and then sighs and tells me its ok. I love that he is so silly. I love how he helps plan our future. I love how he plays with Noah. I am just head over heels completely to the moon in love with my husband.

Here is a cute text he sent me this morning.

Sean : <3 that's right, this is my heart and I'm sending it to you via text message baby.

So darn cute right? I know, I'm the luckiest :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Good will triumph over evil in the end

So I wrote this post with a different title and ending but then a text from a friend changed my point of view a little. So here is the originally post first.

The supreme court has begun a hearing that could rewrite rules for broadcasting on tv. The stations say it is against the 1st amendment to censor cussing and nudity . I am all for freedoms but I also think that something needs to be left out of general tv to keep our children from seeing it and being exposed to material not fit for them (or me in that matter) to be seeing.

There is another issue with the Internet as well. The government wants to fight against piracy and their way of doing so is to censor the crap out of things. They have a bill right now that will pretty much eliminate sites such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

 I didnt think that the way things are right now with the broadcasting are really censorship. They just cut out inappropriate things. People still have access to that stuff if they want. they issue with the Internet/ piracy things is that it takes away peoples right to access it if they wish. Do I think people should be viewing pornography or other things such as that? of course not but it is not my right to tell them they can't.

I know no one has the right to stop others from cussing if they want to. They have their free choice but I believe I should have the free choice to not have it around me. I should be able to have the choice to watch tv and not be burdened by the constant bombardment of sexuality and profanity. Others who want to let that in their life have that option with special programming. Why should their rights overshadow my rights. If the current restrictions (which I might add are pretty lax as it is) are lifted then the only choice I will have is to just not watch. That's just not fair. The world is just getting worse and worse. Its getting harder and harder to safe gaurd ourselves and our children from the evil influences of others.

While discussing these and other alike matters I was being a negative Nelly when my best friend sent this inspiring text to me:

"I think you are having a glass half empty kind of day. We are working just as hard to make the world more Christ-like as they are to make it less. Remember all the missionaries baptizing new members who will have good morals? Remember all the young men and young women programs that are helping Young adults grow up with good morals? And we aren't the only religion opposed to immorality. Good will triumph over evil in the end Deana." I needed that.

I chose to be on the side of Family! I want to protect myself and my family from those things. No matter what is or isnt passed it is still up to me to know what is going on and do what I have to to protect myself and my children. I can't control the world but I can control my own actions and I can help guide my family to make correct choices. Those each and everyday small choices are what make up the big choices in the world. If you want to heal the world you start with the family! I need to be a more glass half full type of person more often. I think overall I am a pretty happy person. I enjoy life and having a good time but when things go wrong I tend to focus on that for a while and look at it from every angle possible and prepare for the worst. I'm not sure that is the healthy thing to do. I get so stressed doing that. Instead I am dedicating myself from this point on to try and look at the good side of things and prepare for the best even in the face of bad. In everything I can find something to be happy and grateful about. Even when bad things go on I can chose to think "well at least I have the Gospel or my Family or other blessings in my life to counter act that bad that just presented itself in my life. I can do this! Thanks Jess for helping me realize that and be better. Its also good to remember that others are in the world making good decisions as well. I am not alone. There are lots of efforts going on to better the world.

To end: We are working just as hard to make the world more Christ-like as they are to make it less.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting my nephew and other things

Robyn and Carlos and baby Jemimah came to visit this week. Sadly they could only be with us for 2 days because they went to Peoria for 2 days to spend time with Carlos' family as well. That aside it was a great time! Jeremiah was born August 31st. He is close to a month and a week younger than Noah but they look like they are far more than that apart in age. I thought Noah was small for his age, but Jeremiah is by far smaller. He is in his own bracket, haha. Robyn said that he is in the 0% for his age. He is that tiny!! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 He had his hand in his mouth like 80% of the time. He is a very drooly baby guy. Robyn said he has a tooth coming in already.

Corey was drinking a rockstar on the way to get pictures and Noah was fascinated by the can. The bright colors are his favorite. He played with that can the whole way to Tempe. 

Robyn with the babies. Noah is a small baby but after holding Jeremiah for 5 minutes Noah seemed huge! 

Robyn and Carols and Jerry live in Wyoming so we don't see them that often.I'm glad that they were able to come down and visit. I feel like Robyn and I are closer since we were both preggers at the same time. Also Carlos and I had some good bonding moments as well. We all soaked in all the fun we could in two days. Monday I had off work so we got to spend the whole day together. Mom, Amanda, Robyn Me and Andrea all went to the movies and saw "Beauty and The Beast" in 3D. It was pretty cool. I love Disney movies. Then we all just hung out at Amanda and Coreys for the rest of the night with everyone else in the family as well. It was a blast. Lots of laughs and jokes. Tuesday we did family pictures. That was so fun. Noah was sick with a head cold so he was a bit grumpy for the first part but we got some smiles towards the middle. Then he got hungry towards the end so there was more sour puss faces. Haha Pictures with babies, you never know what you are going to get. Either way he looks super cute anyway :) I can't wait to get the pictures back and post them for you all to see.

In other news, Sean's staph infection is going away finally! The boils are now mostly just scabs. I know how do I go from cute babies to boils and scabs. Haha this blog just has a little of everything. It is nice to almost have my healthy husband back again. He is much happier when he isn't in pain and sickly. Poor man keeps getting sick with something! We are both ready for him to just be healthy and stay that way for a long time. No more viruses or bacteria please and thank you! It was a tough week for him. He couldn't pick Noah up much because it hurt his chest and arm. Thankfully he is past the pain part and able to help out more and hold Noah all he wants :)

Noah is just pefect as usual. He is more and more vocal and we are having so much fun with that. He likes to mimik the sounds we make in his own way. And he moves his tounge around lots. He is always discovering something new. I love seeing how facinated he can be with the most simplest of things. Makes you really look and see the beauty in the world. Noah has gotten quite chuby as of late. I love it! His thighs are so huge and cute. He is very long too. He smiles more and more and is quite alert with things going on around him. He is always moving his head this way and that to see everything and soak it all in. Then he sits and "talks" to us and himself at the end of the day. As if he is telling us everything that happend to him that day. He sleeps like a champ at nights too. He is much easier to get down for naps now as well. Melissa gave suggested a book that Sean's mom ended up buying for us called "Healthy Sleep habbits happy child" that had a lot of good ideas of getting a schedule set. Noah we have a routine that we do for every nap and for putting him down for the night. He knows now that when he is swaddled and when the "shh Shh Shh" starts up it is sleeping time and he follows suit. Love it!

We made a list of a bunch of schools to apply for when the time comes. We both expect the list to be altered many times between now and in the next year but its nice to have a start. Did I tell you that Sean changed his major to psychology? I think I did. If I didn't it doesn't matter too much because turns out his major is going to be different for his masters. He will get his bachelors in psychology still but for his Masters he is getting in Social Work. Turns out that Arizona is one of the few states that allows you to be a a therapist (which is what Sean wants to be) with a Masters in Psycholgy. Every where else requires a MSW (masters in social work). The Psychology one is used to become a teacher or used to become a pychicirtirst after going to med school and all that jazz. So that's the plan and we are sticking to it.

We will be moving in with Jessica and Kenny next month. We decided that Feb 20 will be the move in date. They are graciously offered up their second floor to us. That means two rooms! Finally Noah will have his own room again. We decided that since we will be moving in a year anyway to who knows where it would be best to not be tied down with a lease. Also it is a great opportunity to save money for all the application fees, moving costs and all other things that will come our way in the near future. Jess can Ken gave us a very low rent, utilities and food rate that will allow us to save loads of money :) This makes me very happy!! And it helps them to put the money towards other payments. Win win situations are the best. Well that's it for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being a grown up is hard!

So far this is our month- Found out the major Sean planned on having is only good enough to be a therapist in Arizona, so he needs to change it from psychology to social work. We decided we would be moving anywhere he is accepted for grad school. This is a huge deal for me, cuz I've never lived more than 10 miles from my family. I know I'm a grown up and married and have my own family but its still hard. Sean and Noah have both had colds on and off for weeks. Now Sean just got over a Sinus Infection and tonight found out he has Staph. That is a flesh eating bacteria. It sucks. Its highly contagious so he has to be careful touching me and especially Noah. Doctor bills are expensive and so are the meds. Its more important that Sean get better than the money being spent but we both can't help but think of how much money that we dont have is being spent. We are living with his family and borrowing money from his brothers just to get things paid off. THIS IS SO HARD!!! Right now the only thing getting us through is knowing that we have each others love and support and this little sweet guy:

 This is how he decided to lay for like 10 minutes. It was so funny. He is a silly baby.

 Such pure happiness!! I love love love his smile

 "This is my blanket and I like to eat it"

I know that it will work out. I just wish that it would be right now, but its not. So I guess I just have to look at the bright side of things. Sean is enjoying school, Noah is feeling better and growing so much, he is just the sweetest thing. Oh I got my hair dyed. Yes I know I just said we have no money, no worries, I didnt pay for it. My friend and I swapped hair for massage. My hair is super short and very red now and I love it! So does Sean :) We will be able to get everyone we owe money to paid back at the end of this month and then next month we will be able to start putting money towards savings. All in all I guess things aren't horrible. Just more difficult that we would like.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas, a weekend event!!!

So Christmas was great! I was waiting for my dad to send me the pictures that were taken from that day so I waited to post this. Christmas day we spent with my side of the family and the day after Christmas we spent and celebrated with Sean's family.  Sean's brother Jason and his wife Melissa and their two kids Rachel (3yrs) and Alden (15 months) came from Virgina for the holiday :) They spent Christmas with her Family so the Howell's had Christmas on the 26th.

Rogers Christmas:  
We woke up at 5am! Yes you read that correctly, 5am!!! We are in fact insane. We all went to Amanda's and Corey's house for the festivities. We opened presents and hung out til breakfast. It was delicious! Pancakes, eggs and bacon. Noah was so very cute the whole day long. Sean kept calling him Christmas Baby. Noah got lots and lots of gifts.
 See all of the toys! Some of the are too advanced for him to play with right now but soon he will have the cognitive skills to play with them. His favorite is the yellow ball and the monkey as of right now. He just loves the sounds and feel of them.
 See his big smile! I just love it. We rolled it across the floor and he got a kick out of it.
 After breakfast we all went to Amanda and Corey's church for Sunday Christmas. Noah was in his carseat in the back. Amanda sat on Corey, Kirby was on the other side of Noah, I sat on Andrea and Sean drove. Why were we all in one car? Amanda's car is in the shop, Mom's car was full with Dad, Justin and Cortney and Andrea didn't want to use her gas. No this is not a good idea children. (later when my kids read this I want them to know they should never ride in a car with more people than seat belts.)
 Us in Church. Noah is such a cutie!!
After Church we all went home and took naps, except me I played with Noah. I wasn't tired anyway. Then we went to my parents house for Christmas dinner. My mom didn't want to be traditional so we had taco salad. It was yummy. Then we watched movies and chatted. That was Christmas at the Rogers house.

 Howell Christmas:
Howells Christmas is a lot less tradition based, but fun still. We woke up in the afternoon, we were so tired from the day before. Jason and Melissa and the babies got here at 1pm and we had lunch. Ham, potatoes, salad and other yumminess. They we unwrapped gifts. 

 Rachel is one adorable little girl

 Ondalynn and her boyfriend Brad. He was super tired. haha
Rachie loved holding Noah. She just thinks he is so cute. 

After presents we just enjoyed each others company and played games. Jason and Melissa are still here with us til Jan 4th. Its nice having the babies here and them getting to know Noah and the rest of us more. 

I'm grateful for the Christmas season and the emphasis on Christ and family. I'm grateful for my Savior and his Sacrifice for me. I know that because he was born into this world and died for me that I can be with my family forever and be with Him and my Heavenly Father.