Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Birthday Weekend of Awesome Fun

This year my birthday fell on Thanksgiving. I am now the ripe old age of 25! Geez its such a big number.

My birthday was pretty lovely. Noah and Sean and I all slept in til about 8am. Then I got awoken with kisses from my boys, we had cheerios for breakfast and then had a family nap from 9:30am to 10:30am. Let me tell ya it was much needed for all of us. We woke up happy and refreshed and ready for the day.

We had originally planned to go with my sister Amanda's in laws but plans were changed that morning. Her grandmother in law was in the hospital due to a burst appendix. (I'm happy to say she is recovery fine now) so they decided to move their thanksgiving festivities to Sunday. My parents and brother are in Wyoming visiting Robyn and Carlos. Sean's family all had other plans but then they changed theirs last minute too. So we went to his mothers house. It was a fun day. We ate lots of food, which I ended up throwing all up anyway but it was yummy food while it lasted. Noah and Sean and I went for a walk towards the end of the day. Noah just loves the outside world with the rocks and other curious things for him to grab and play with. It was a pretty relaxing day.

I went with Elizabeth (mother in law) to Target for their Black Friday sale. She wanted a camera thats normally priced at near $900 but was on sale for $500. We waited in line from 8pm til they opened the doors at 9pm. We were in and out of there by 9:25pm! We were crazy quick. Plus it didn't hurt that Elizabeth cut the check out line haha. No one noticed luckily.

Black Friday was a wonderful day as well. Sean Noah and I basically did the same thing we did the day before. Slept in and then had breakfast and then napped the morning away. At about 11am we all went to Old Navy for Black Friday Sales. I got some really cute items. Noah and Sean just wondered around the store whilst I got my shop on. haha. Later that afternoon I went with some awesome friends to the mall for more shopping. I just love shopping! Sean and Noah went home and had a boys night together. Wendy, Emily, Laurel, and Sarah (all sisters) and I had a blast finding clothes for Wendy's 7 year old daughter and ourselves. We were there for 3 hours. After a long day of shopping I was happy to go home to my cute hubby and cuddle the night away.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not just because of the delicious food but also for the time spent with family and other loved ones. I'm grateful for the blessings I have in my life.

Lovely family, specifically my sweet husband and funny Noah child
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
My testimony
Amazing friends
A beautiful apartment to live in
Opportunity for my cute hubby to get an education
My awesome job

Thats the short list.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 8

This is the 8th week of pregnancy with baby Howell of the second variety. I got to say being pregnant the second time is a lot different than the first but with some similarities. I have been crazy sick still this past week and it is definitely worse than it was with Noah. I don't have as much energy because I'm not getting much in my body since I throw most everything I eat up. I am trying to keep up with everything though. I am so grateful for Sean filling the gap. Being a full time working mama and wanting to be a full time mom when I am home gets pretty tough. I haven't been changing many diapers lately. Sean is the most perfect daddy and husband. I swear I have changed maybe 3 diapers this whole week. All 3 of them were promptly thrown up into so naturally Sean has stepped up to the plate and taken over diaper duty til I can handle it. Noah has been super clingy lately which is pretty cute. I think he can sense there is change a foot. He likes to grab at my belly and say baby! He doesn't realize what he is saying though. At least I'm pretty sure. He just does it because I always tell him I'm growing him and daddy a baby in my belly and point to my belly. This baby is so loved already. So far I haven't had any real cravings yet. I'm sure they will be coming soon though. I haven't gained any weight yet but my belly is sticking out a tid bit. Everyone says you get big sooner with the second so I guess that proves that theory. I got a prescription from the doctor last week to help with my morning sickness. It was $10 for 12 pills! Insanely expensive. Thank goodness for insurance otherwise it would have been more like $7 a pill. I am trying to ration them out and only use them when its really bad. Its hard to tell because it seems to be really bad a lot. I hope it goes away soon. Only a month til I'm in the second trimester and hopefully morning sickness free. So thats the recap of the last week pertaining to baby growing. love you little baby! Keep growing!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Bean

Noah had another regular doctor appointment on Thursday. He had to get his shots too along with the usual check up stuff. I unfortuanately had to be at work so just Sean was there. Good thing he is a tough daddy and does better with them than I do. Noah was a trooper as usual but his arm is still bothering him. The doctor said that it will be more sore and tender than the last shots because of one of them he got. We have to massage it and get the stuff to move out of just his arm. I'm not sure why but I'm not a doctor so I trust them. Other than his arm hurting when we have to do the massages he is just fine though. A little bit of fussiness but that goes away when he gets his tyenol. He is a giggly cuddly little dude and we love it. He was weighted and measured and his doctor as given him the offical diagnosis of "skinny boy" haha. He is still in the 3% which is where he has consistantly been. He weights 19lbs 8 oz and is 32 inches tall. So he is our little green bean, tall and skinny.

Noah has been up to a lot lately. He has added a couple words to his vocab. New words are Stop, Sit, Down, Ashes, Wuff and Nanma (grandma). And to Sean's delight he has started saying Daddy again. For a couple weeks he had stopped saying Daddy and was calling Sean Mama. haha. His favorite word right now is Stop. He says it all the time. I don't think he knows the real meaning of it because he just says it all the time haha. He sings Ashes, Ashes, Down. Elizabeth (sean's mama) discovered he was singing 'ring around the rosies'. Because he will toddle back and forth saying Ashes and then sit down and say Down. When he see's a dog he says Wuff! The funny word he says is Sit. He has a lisp sometimes and it sounds like another word with an "H" in it. haha He is not saying that word though. We will tell him to sit down when he is eating so he says that a lot as well. Also instead of grandma he says Nanma. He gets so excited to see his Nanma's.

Noah is such the cuddle bug! Sean and I love it! Every morning one of us goes and gets him and he lays in bed with us for a while before we decide to get up and Noah will cuddle into us and squeeze our faces and necks. When we say kisses he will lean in and slober on our face too. Such a sweetheart! I can tell he is going to be a very kind loving boy.

He will take his tounge and stick it out and make noises pulling it in and sticking it out. haha He loves his tounge. He also is still a music buff. He bops his head to music and sways back and forth. He even has gotten his arms into the dancing lately too! We think whatever he ends up doing in life music will probably always have a place in his heart. He just connects to it in such a strong way. He loves the hymns too. Thats his favorite part of sacrament meeting. And he has to have music playing in the car.  But if a song comes on he doesn't like he will let us know. He gets upset and whins til we change it haha.

Sean and I are so very in love with our Noah bug.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Round 2

Noah is going to be a big brother! Yep we are all so very excited too :) Not sure Noah understands yet but he sure does love to point at babies and say with such happiness "baby!"
Sean Noah and I went to the first OB appointment today. I have the same doctor as I did with Noah. He said that everything looks good and that I had a text book pregnancy with the last one so this one should be about the same. Thats always good to hear. The due date is June 30th. Sean and I are so happy to be expanding our family and we know Noah is going to be such a sweet big brother. This baby is a lucky guy or gal. We will know in another 3 months! I'm so grateful for the blessing to be a mother. And Sean is just the sweetest husband. I have been pretty sick the past 4 weeks. I have been puking since the week before we found out. And he has been such a sweet man taking care of me and Noah. I just love him and everything he does. I am one lucky girl to have snagged him :)

So I took a test on October 23rd because I had been puking so much. We had been trying since Sept so I didn't think it would happen that fast again. (if you remember last time we got pregnant after a week of trying, thats not very common.) So Sean Noah and I had just gotten back from getting dinner stuff from walmart and first thing I smell was peppers. Jessica had made a salad and left out some bell peppers and for whatever reason that smell just made me so very nauseous. I ran upstairs and puked. While cleaning up afterward I thought "hmm maybe I'm pregnant, probably not, and its too soon to test. I'm not supposed to start my period for another week. Hmm oh well, taking a test" so I took the test and right away it said positive! I ran down stairs and let Sean and Noah know the happiest news. They were so excited! So thats how we found out :) Yay for a baby! During the ultra sound today Noah bobbed his head to the sound of the heartbeat. He just loves music in all its forms. The music of life is the best. I know they are going to be such good friends :)


Monday, November 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We have been so busy with things that I have taken so long to get our home to be as beautiful as I imagined it but I am happy to say that it is finally done! Normally I would have had this done by day 3 of living here (as I have done with every where else we have moved to). Its important to me to have a clean organized home rigth from the start and to keep it that way. I think it comes from having such a disorganized home growing up that I just don't want that to happen to my home. My mom was a wonderful homemaker but there were times that her back was making her be in so much pain and then when she had the cancer that she wasn't able to keep up with the house work. My siblings were  not the greatest at picking up after themselves so I ended up do most of the cleaning. I just can't stand a mess. It gives me axinety. Needless to say this past week and a half with our apartment having boxes and things all over the place and not much put where it belonged was driving me nuts! Sean did what he could but he had school work to do and he didn't know how I wanted things. He did help so very much when I was up for getting things done. Things out of my control made it so I wasn't too keen on moving and cleaning even though I really really wanted to. But Rome wasn't built in a day and a colony of ants doesnt move a picnic in one move. It takes little by little, trip by trip, project by project and then things get done. Each day I made a different room my goal and I got them all done tonight with the help of Sean and my dear sister friend Andrea. I'm so in love with the way everything looks. I don't have pictures of every room since Noah is currently sleeping in his and Sean is sitting in bed and already in his pj's and not willing to be in a picture. So no pictures of those rooms or the kitchen since I havent done the dishes from tonight. But here is the living room and dining room.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Armenta Clan!

My sister Robyn and her hubby Carlos and adorable son Jeremiah came to visit the family last week. The main reason they came was to see Grandpa Roland because of his poor health. He is doing alright but not great. He is still on the breathing machine and getting radiation daily. But he is a trooper and we love him.

They got in on Sunday afternoon. After church Sean and I and Noah met the family at my parents house. We all drove over and had a pot luck at the grandparents house. The kiddos ate in the front yard on their kiddy table. Goodness it was so fun seeing all three of them playing together. It was fun having the preggie sisters all together too. Andrea LOVED having all the babies in her arms at the same time as well. She is such an amazing auntie and showers the babies with loves and kisses and tight tight squeezes.

Monday Andrea and I took the day off work so we could get all the sister family time in as we could. We just hung out all morning and afternoon at Amanda's house with them. Noah was super shy and wouldn't let Carlos hold him. Carlos at one point just poked him a little and Noah thought it was pretty funny. Then Noah saw there was a spot of paint stain on Carlos shorts and was trying to scratch it off. It was so funny to see him finally sitting close to him and not minding because he was so interested in the paint spot. Robyn got him to let her hold him for a little bit too. Noah is such a shy mama's boy its hard to get him to warm up to people he doesn't see often. Jeremiah was just happy to be held by anyone! He is such a sweet little guy. Scratch that little, he is actually quite hefty! He and Cortney both weigh 26 pounds while Noah is at 20lbs with clothes and shoes on. haha. Cortney was such a little mom. She would try to pick up Jeremiah and Noah and hold them. She also loved telling them what to do and which toys they could play with.

It was a short trip and they left Tuesday morning at 5am to visit with his family in Peoria before they flew back to Wyoming Wednesday night. I'm so glad we got some time with them and I finally got to hold Jeremiah again! Man I love my niece and nephew. I'm excited for Amanda's little guy to be born and Robyn's unknown baby too! Did I tell you Amanda found out she is having a boy? hhmmm I think I forgot to. She found out on Oct 23rd. Still no name yet. Robyn finds out Dec 3. Yay for babies!


Halloween Mouse

Halloween was a blast! I actually had forgotten is was Halloween until I was on the way to work on Wednesday. Sean dropped Noah off at grandma's (my mama) for the day as usual. Then after work I went to my parents house. Noah was so happy to see me. It always melts my heart to see him toddle his way to me as soon as I walk in the door. That was the last day of Noah needing to have his stitches in so I had to take him back to the hospital to get them removed. Again it was a traumatic experience for the both of us. He had fun wondering around the waiting room and was in a happy mood. The carpet has different colored squares which Noah found captivating. He just loves contrasting colors. Then as soon as we were called back into the doctors office he flipped out! They shut the door and its like he was flooded with memory of the last time he was there. Nothing I did consoled him. They again had to swaddle him to keep him still for the procedure. The doctor had to try 3 times to get the stitches out because Noah was in such distress and screaming and moving his head. I had to be strong this time since I was the only one there with him this time. I said a prayer for the both of us to be comforted. Heavenly Father gave me strength through that. Its so hard to see your child in pain. I can say that as parents we have a small glimpse of what it is to be like God. We are in charge of taking care of our children and yet we have to let them go through things that will have them in pain sometimes. All we can do is be there for them and give them our love and comfort.

Right after they were done Noah lept up and into my arms. We cuddled for a good while before leaving that room. Then much to his delight he was rewarded with a dum-dum. By the time we got to my parents house again he was a sticky, happy, little mess. But that was ok because he is my little sticky mess. haha. I washed him up and my mom helped me put him in his mouse costume she made him. It was the most adorable little mouse I have ever seen! Cortney was Cinderella and Noah was Gus Gus. I went as a Doll, Andrea was a pirate, Corey was a doll, Amanda was an 80's chick, Mom was the scarecrow from wizard of oz, and Justin was his own creation which he calls "the dragon lord". Dad showed up late to the party so he was just a cable guy, as he was still in his work clothes. Sean didn't get out of school in time so he just met us at the house after the festivities.

We all had a fun time at my parents ward Trunk- or Treat. I even won the cake walk! I brought Sean some Chili and Hot dogs. Noah ate pretty well that night. A couple bites of chili and two hot dogs! My growing boy has a good appetite when the food is pleasing to him. Hot dogs are always a good dinner for him.

It was so fun to spend the night with my family. We all got a kick out of seeing Corney all dressed up and excited for candy and Noah just wondering around the cultural hall oblivious to the holiday but happy to be eating candy. He doesn't get candy very often so when he does its a real treat.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Mustard. Catchup.

Haha Ok so really I have a lot to catch up on! I have a halloween post written up but I haven't had a chance to post pictures in it and I know if I post it first then plan on putting the pictures on later I might forget. So here my blog sits with no recent updates. I swear I haven't forgotten my love for blogging. I have been super duper busy!! My sister and her cute family have been in town for the last two days, we have been moving and trying to organize the disaster in our new apartment and Noah is just busy learning about everything around him! I promise either tonight or tomorrow I will post at least the halloween post. Then I will get the sister vist, move and voting posts written and up!

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