Friday, March 30, 2012

Whats Up

Sean is a smarty pants and is doing really well in school. He so far has all A's in his classes. Yay for Sean! :)
Noah has graduated to finger snacks. He loves his num nums. He is trying to hard to crawl but to no avail. Soon he will be crawling all over the place though I'm sure. Kenny has fun putting things in front of Noah and moving it around to get his attention and then moving it out of his reach just as Noah goes to grab it. Its really funny. Noah learned how to blow raspberries and does it all the time now. Also he still babbles and makes all sorts of other noises. Most morning as I am getting ready for work I hear him in his crib waking up making cute little sighs and then goes to a full on babble talk with one of his stuffed animals. Man I just love that little guy.

We are still loving living with Jess and Ken. They are such great friends and so much fun. We have still yet to make a big savings due to unforseen curcumstances. Sean got a red light ticket, he was busy thinking about what would happen if he got hit by the light rail he looked up and saw people in front of him had moved and by the time he realized it and went himself the light had turned red. Lucky for him there was a cop right behind him. He got a ticket and has to not only pay for it but has to pay for and go to traffic school. Money down the drain. Oh well though. This is a lesson on pay for what you do wrong, literally. I think its sucky about the ticket but hilarious about Sean thinking about the light rail. He told me he decided he would jump out the truck window onto the street if he got hit by the ligh rail. Also another money taker is the government. I blame them. We have to pay to get our car registration. Thats done through the DMV and the DMV is a governement office so its their fault. Its crazy expensive to drive. We should all just get bubbles and float around in them. Who's with me?! No more accidents, who could get hurt in a bubble?, no more bad drivers, no more ticket, no more money spent to fix broken cars. Its a genius idea. Some one get started on that.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost words

Noah has been saying "ma ma ma ma" and " da da da da" and "hi" all week :) I dont think he realizes what he is saying though. He is just micking sounds he hears most often. Does that count as first words? Sean and I arent really sure or if its just sounds he is making. Well either way it is super duper cute! He has this cute cry he does when he is lonely. He is very clinging lately which I dont mind because I miss him so much when I'm away from him. I love that he cuddles me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick update whilst I'm at work and probably should be working.

I'm on a Do It Yourself Kick lately. I have been reading up on all sorts of recipes for things that I buy often from the store that turns out I can make myself. Tomorrow I am having a party with my sister Andrea with some friends and we are going to make our own laundry soap, dishwasher  soap and face wash. Yay! :) It will be great. I'm going to experiment with making my own bar soap for the shower and possibly liquid soap for the sink. I saw some recipes for shampoo but I'm a hair snob so I doubt that will be on the list for me to ever try. haha. I'll post more about each product later this week. Just wanted to let eveyone know what I have been up to. Sean is doing great with school. He is currently getting all A's. My smart husband. I'm proud of him. Noah is loving his bath times. He sits up all by himself in the tub now. Of course I watch him and keep my hands close to keep him from falling. After I wash him I just let him sit there for a couple minutes and splash the water. He has so much fun with it.

Oh and in other news. I got a raise at work today :) Yay! It will help with the insurance cost that has been raised and still have some left over for savings. Wahoo! Also I got a sizable bonus as well. Its a good day.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Perinatal Massage

I am now able to massage prego women! Yep that's right I have skills. I took a 15 hour course last week and now have the certificate to allow me to work on women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. The class was way out in Glendale! (Another story of my freeway driving for the first time and the crazy tire blow out to come at the end of this post.... stay tuned.)
It was a great class. I can't wait to use the things I learned and help women to be relaxed and comfortable during pregnancy and labor. When I become a doula this will be a great skill to have as well.  I learned a lot about contraindications, complications, risk factors of pregnancy, comfort techniques for labor, restoring musculature and postural integrity postpartum. Most of the facts about pregnancy and things that happen to your body during gestation and labor I already knew because of my Bradley class but it was a nice refresher and good to see how it pertains to massage.

So the freeway fiasco:
I have driven on the 60 many times, pretty much everyday, but I had never driven on any of the others like the 101 or 202 or i10, i17 (so many freeways in arizona!) The idea of driving 60 to 65 miles an hour on a 6 lane road with many many other cars right next to me weaving in and out of each other kind of scares me. I always knew that someday, probably soon, I would need to start driving on the other freeways and be comfortable doing so. That day came last week. The class was out on Bell road and 50th St, that's 50 minutes from my house. I was scared so the night before the class Sean went on a road trip with me on the 202 so I could get the feel of driving on a new freeway with someone. It was alright. Sean gave me directions of how to get to the class and I repeated them over and over that night. "Get on the 60 drive to the end where it turns into the i10, drive forever til I get to the i17 drive forever til I get to Bell road, exit and drive til I see the building."  The next day I drove out there and did just fine. I wasn't freaked out or anything. I was surprised how easy it was. Thanks to my sweet husband for being so patient with me and letting me repeat it over and over so I was confident and didn't get lost.  The second day of the class wasn't so smooth. I was on the 60 and right as I got past the exit for the 101 my car started shaking violently, there was a loud sound, smoke was coming from the back. I quickly pushed the button for my hazards and tried to make my way safely as I could to the shoulder. People on the freeway are rude sometimes though! Here I was with a car on fire in the back and my hazards on and yet people were still not letting me over!! I almost hit someone trying to get over. Luckily I got over and no one was hurt. I shut off the car and sat there crying for a couple minutes. I couldn't get all the way into the shoulder because my car wouldn't start up again, so every time a car passed by  my car would shake. I called Sean and he lovingly calmed me down. I called my teacher to let her know what happened and that I would be late. She said it was fine and to just be save and let her know when I was on the way. Sean came and sat with me til a friend Alex and Blake, came and got me. They took me to my class and Sean changed the tire to a donut and took it to my moms house so he could go to school and fix it afterward. I ended up being and hour and a half late to the class. My teacher was nice enough to just show a video that I had already seen so I didnt miss anything. Turns out that my tire had blown and caught on fire. Also my rotors are bad and need to be fixed. I'm so grateful I have an amazing handy husband that knows how to fix those things so we won't need to spend and arm and a leg to get it done. :)

My tire that blew and caught on fire. Intense huh?!

Cancer Scare

No worries it was just a scare. But, a couple days ago my mom found a lump in her back and it was getting bigger so we went to the doctor and had them check it out and do blood tests. They said that it could be cancer and that they would do the tests and let her know. It took them all weekend but they finally got back to her and said that it doesn't look like cancer  is probably shingles... Wait you mean that virus that is like chicken pox? How do you say it could be something like cancer and then it turns out to be that? Yeah I don't know but we will definitely take shingles over cancer any day. I love my mama and I'm tired of her having to deal with all of these health issues. Someday maybe she can just be healthy and stop with these scares. That would be great.