Monday, August 25, 2014

Abigail Olivia Howell

We found at the gender and as y can tell from the adorably girly name its a girl! We are all so excited! We had the ultrasound on Aug 14th but we wanted to do a fun gender reveal. I had the idea to dye my hair the color of the gender and Amanda made it even more fun by suggesting keeping it a secret to even Sean and I and all of us finding out at the same time. The only issue with that was Andraya, my amazing hairstylist was out of town the 14th to the 20th. So for an entire week the only one who knew the gender besides the tech was Amanda! She was great at keeping it a secret too. 

The ultrasound :

We went to Precious Predictions. She is a client of my midwife as well as a very awesome ultrasound tech. She does the ultrasound in her own home. It was so beautiful and comfortable. Noah loved that he could see his baby on the big screen tv. I will never have an ultrasound any other place. She was so amazing. She could tell right away the gender. She turned off the tv and had Amanda come to the computer screen while she wrote the gender. Sean said that he knew all along that it was a girl just by watching the ultrasound tech haha. I was thinking boy. I was wrong. 

The reveal :

Thursday the 21st I went to andrayas work and Amanda met me there. I held a towell over my eyes while Andraya did the process of dying, bleaching and dying my hair. I just love her. Then she out a hat on my head so I wouldn't see. At my parents house where mine and Sean's family were waiting I had Noah plull off the hat to reveal bright pink hair! Lots of cheers and smiles and Rebekah danced. Noah had said from the beginning that it was a sister. He was right! Can't wait to meet you sweet Abigail :) 

P.s. Read the bible story about Abigail. Its a good one. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2nd Trimester!

I'm in the second trimester already!? This is going pretty quickly. Baby is about 3 inches now (about the size of a peapod) Fingerprints have formed on baby's tiny fingertips. Ive out grown one pair of prepregnancy pants already but most of my low sitting jeans still fit. Morning sickness left me for awhile but turns out it was a sick joke my body played on me. It has returned this week which is rude. I have an ultrasound tomorrow! Can't wait to see this little one :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Howell Heartbeat

I had my 12 week appointment with my midwife Stephanie. Its so different than it was with an OB and I love it! I loved Dr Hazzelrigg , he was a great care provider but the feel of the appointment is different when its with someone you consider a friend too. She and her student midwife talked with me for an hour. It was so refreshing to spend more time with the care provider rather than in the waiting room. She did the usual blood pressure and pulse and weight and all that. I've lost a pound since my 8 week appointment but that's to be expected with the throwing up i had been doing. I'm happy to report that the morning sickness is down to only once a day now!

Then we got to hear the heartbeat! That sound has got to be the most amazing sound a women can hear. The healthy heartbeat of her growing child. Amazing I say! Stephanie then gave me a little replica doll of the actual size a 12 week gestational baby is. Its so tiny and cute! I took it home and showed Noah Calli and Rebekah and they got so excited. Noah hugged it and said he would put it down for its nap. Bekah tried to eat it haha.