Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whats up Buttercup

Noah had a growth check up today. The doctor wanted to see how much he would grow in a month. Average is a pound a month. Guess how much Noah grew? haha ONE OUNCE! He is now 16lbs 14oz. He is just a little dude. The doctor said that its probably just genetics seeing how Sean and I are just small people and everything else is all healthy with Noah. He eats so much during the day so we know he is getting all he needs. He is just so cute and tiny. But he is tall too. Our little green bean. 

He is a pro crawler now. He still does it all funny like a stink bug but he gets where he wants to pretty fast. Also he is standing up now. He pulls himself up on things all the time. So fun! He moves his feet like he is going to take a step sometimes too. If we hold his hands then he will take unnecessarily large steps. haha. Noah is more vocal as well. He is squealing and making sounds of letters. Right now his favorite is the letter M, D and B. He will repeat them over and over. He says mama and dada all the time now too which we love! Its so adorable.   

Sean has started summer school this week. He is in Spanish 201. He likes it so far and says his teacher is good. I'm just working away still and doing more massages. Its quite helpful for our budget. Sean's financial aid won't come in til the fall so we are paying for this summer class out of pocket. That messes with our plans to have the car paid off by July. Now we will have it paid off in October. Still 2 years sooner than expected so that is nice. Sean is on track to graduate with his bachelors degree in 2013. 

I'm in a competition with my sister Andrea and two friends, Emily and Jessica. We all put in $10 then whoever loses 10lbs first wins the money. I hope I win! But we will see. I am trying to eat healthy and exercise more regularly. Sean is as well. We each made goals we want to reach. 

Mine- Lose 10lbs by July, Read Book of Mormon by August, Exercise 5 days a week, and spend less money. 

Sean's- Get buff again, Get an A or B in his class, be on time to places. 

It feels good to have goals :) It will be even better to reach them! 

Now what you all have been waiting for: PICTURES OF THE NOAH BUG!

 He loves playing in the sand. He throws it up and watches it fall. He likes to let it fall between his fingers best.

 We took him to buffalo wild wings last week. He ate two whole wings! Here he is sucking on a celery stick. Sean is being a manly man eating his hot wings that I can't handle.
 We went for a walk with Noah and Cortney on our shoulders. Twas fun.
 Dr appointment today.
   See the black and blue bruise on his eye? Poor guy banged his head on Sean's weights this morning. He was quite upset. Sean has been making Rocky references the whole day. Noah recovered pretty quickly after I distracted him with eating.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teaching Experience

I had the privilege of teaching Prenatal and Perinatal Massage in my Bradley teachers course this week. I had emailed her telling her about the course I took and she asked me if I would come into her class and teach about massage for one of the relaxation practices. I was overjoyed at the prospect. I get to practice my new skill, teach, and get my name out there. Yay for networking!

I was super nervous the day before and the day of, but by the time I got there and did the class I had calmed down. It went superb! I felt at ease and the words just came to me. Sean said I sounded really professional and gave some really good information and demonstrated the techniques really well. Sean and Noah came with me since the class was in Phoenix and I didn't want to drive out there all alone. Plus I knew Noah would want to eat just after the class and didn't want to use the milk I had pumped at work. He sat on the floor and played for part of the class but then got fussy so Sean took him exploring around the house. I got to tell my birth story again which I love. Then they asked some questions and practiced the techniques while I walked around helping. All and All it was a great experience. I hope to be called to come again.