Saturday, March 30, 2013

AZ Museum of Natural History

My Grandma Carol gave us 4 tickets to the museum for Christmas. We invited our friends Jessica and Kenny to go with us and it took awhile to get our schedules lined up for a day to go. Noah was free which was nice. It is a pretty cool little museum in downtown Mesa. It has dinosaur skeletons and rocks and all sorts of exhibits from the prehistoric time in Arizona. Noah was most interested in the flash flood exhibit (also Kens fav too I think). He also loved looking at the fish. There was one big one that was in the process of eating a small fish that had legs?! It looked gross.

Usually there is a room with activities for kids to do but we were there only and hour before it closed so it wasn't open anymore. I'd love I take Noah back someday so he can do the activities.

It was pretty fun walking around and see how fascinated Noah was with some of the things. It was also nice to have some time with our lovely friends. After the museum we went to dinner at Applebee's.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Pageant

It's that time of year :) I love the Easter pageant. I've gone every year since I can remember. I love that so many people of different faiths go to the Mesa Temple to see the story of Jesus's life and resurrection. We had my sister Andrea watch Noah for us since he goes to bed before 7pm and the show started at 8pm. Our friends Ben and Melissa and their daughter Belle went with us. It was a fun night and we got Pete's fish and chips for dinner!!

I love the gospel and I'm grateful for the knowledge I have. I'm grateful for my savior and the sacrifice he made so that I can repent and return to Heavenly Father.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 23, 24 and 25

Bump update again. Not much has changed lately. Belly hasn't grown much even though I'm sure Rebekah has grown loads. Her kicks are so strong now. I feel her all day and I love it. She is just reminding me she is there and that she loves me. Also she loves when I eat syrup or chocolate milk. She does flips right after. It's so funny. I can see my belly move now as well. It looks like an alien is trying to make it away out haha. Noah loves feeling my belly and he laughs when she kicks. He likes to sit on my belly like its a chair. He said "Bekah" last week and now it's one if his daily words. I haven't gained any weight since my last dr appointment. I think all the yoga and Zumba I've been doing helps with that. But I eat tons and keep this baby girl quite satisfied with a good mix of healthy and junky foods. I love you little Rebekah. Keep growing. I can't wait to meet you and have Noah and daddy see and hold you. You will love them. They are cool dudes.

Another tmi moment brought to you by pregnancy : I lost my mucus plug last night. I was a little concerned since I'm only 25 weeks. I lost my plug with Noah somewhere past 30 weeks. And usually it's a sign you're going to have he baby soon. I called the dr and talked to the dr on call since it was 7pm. He said not to be alarmed. It's not common but it's not bad as long as I'm not having contractions and I havent had my water break. He said unlike the water you can continue to lose your mucus plug because it grows back. So I'm fine. Just a little weird for it to start happening so soon.

My fingers are offically too swollen to wear my wedding ring. Sean almost ripped my
 finger off trying to get the ring off on Saturday morning. I'm wearing it on a chain around my neck
now. Its so pretty I want to still wear it everyday even if its not on my finger.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Noah the big brother adventure

Noah can tell something is changing. He understands a lot of words now and can comprehend when we ask him to come here or sit down or give kisses. He knows when we say not to touch something or when we say his food is hot that he needs to blow on it. He is becoming quite a big little boy. There are a lot of things he doesn't yet comprehend. I think one of those things is that there is a baby coming. Not just any baby but his very own baby sister. Recently my sister gave birth to his new cousin Joshua. Noah is interested in looking at him and touching his face and naming his body parts , giving him kisses and saying baby! He isn't ok with mommy holding the baby though. He gets stressed out and upset and throws a tantrum. When daddy however holds babies Noah is usually fine with it. I think it's because in some way he knows that mommy is the one that is changing. He sees my belly getting bigger and hears talk of the new baby and Rebekah and when she comes we can do this and that. He sees new things appear in the apartment all the time now. In his closet there is now along with his clothes and things new clothes. New toys, swings, high chair, and bottles have appeared around the apartment. He knows there is something changing but doesn't quite get it. I think he thinks this new baby is taking his place. Or that he isn't getting enough attention.

I know for me when there is a major change I get stressed out. I can't imagine how it is for him knowing there is a change but not really knowing what it is. I'm sure that when Rebekah comes he will love her and that they will become the best of friends. It is going to be a new challenge though to help him through this change. He has been the only child and center of our world for over a year and a half now. He is going to now have to share the center of our world.

Last week Noah had a small break down when he saw me changing Joshua's diaper. He almost stepped on his head trying to get to me. Then when Corey came to help Noah freaked out even more. He was trying to get to me but I was finishing up the diaper change. Cortney was pretty upset about Noah's reaction and felt like he was trying to hurt her Joshua. So she pushed Noah. It was a big mess. I finished the diaper and consoled my poor crying Noah child. It was pretty hard for me. It made me really worried about how he will be when Rebekah was born. I was crying a lot that night thinking about it. I don't want Noah to be sad and I don't want to neglect Rebekah to take care of him. I don't want to neglect either of them. It's going to be a balance act to be sure both kids get love and attention. I know we can do it. It will be a learning time for all of us. Noah is pretty good with other kids usually. When he is having a hard day he isn't a fan of me holding other babies. Other times he is fine.

We received some wonderful heartfelt advice from Sean's brother and sister in law Jason and Melissa. They have been such a great help through our marriage. It's nice having someone to discuss things with and learn from. They have 2 children 4 and 2. They are close in age like Noah and Bekah are going to be. Melissa reassured me that it's normal for a child to act out or be stressed when a new baby is coming. They also have is some ideas to handle the balance act. Melissa suggested a "nursing box" for Noah. It's going to seem like I am always feeding Rebekah to Noah since it happens through our the day with a newborn. The nursing box will be filled with fun toys for Noah to play with while I'm nursing. This will keep him occupied and let me have the attention I need to with Rebekah. We can make a big deal about bringing it out for him so he is excited for it. Then he won't feel left out. It's a genius idea! I'm excited to make it. She also suggested not holding Rebekah when we don't need to. Like laying her in her swing or on a blanket so we can give Noah some attention. Rebekah won't be missing out since she will be getting lots of love and attention during diaper changes , feedings, and nap time for Noah. Its going to be different for sure. But I want to try and keep Noah's schedule the same and get Rebekah on the same ish schedule. That will make things easier. Overall I'm a little worried about my capabilities. I always am. I tend to worry about doing things right and keeping order. But I know that Heavenly Father will be here for our growing family and give us all the strength and patience we will need. And our love will help us in this as well. We are going to have Sean give Noah a blessing this week so he can have some uplifting. He might not understand he words spoken but his spirit will. I'm so looking forward to growing our family and all if us meeting Rebekah! Only 15 weeks til my due date.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dressing the Bump

I know this isn't a fashion blog but I've been dressing this bump of mine pretty cute like so I have to share some "fashion pictures". Most of my clothes come from Ross, Target or Goodwill but I think it's still a pretty collection I've got going lately. So here ya go. Hope you like them. If so maybe I will do it again. Heck even if you don't I will probably still do it again cuz it's fun. Haha

Dress: Target, Belt: Ross, Leggings: Target, Shoes: Target, Earings: New York & Co

Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Skinny Jeans: Forver 21, Shoes: Target

Shirt: Old Navy (cosignment sale), Capris: Cosignment Sale, Shoes: Target

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Hair!

I got my hair color touched up and brightened and I chopped off a couple inches from the length in front and back. It's the shortest I've ever done and I have to say even though I was scared to do it I love love love it!! I was afraid it would make my face look too plump. Some women just should never cut their hair this short due to the roundness of their face. Glad I am able to pull it off though. It's so easy to style. Also Sean thinks its sexy :) which I like. My stylist Andraya is just so amazing! I've been going to her for years. We trade massages for hair. Best barter ever!! I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she did it perfectly :) I'm pretty sure I will never go long again. I'm addicted to the short sexy soccer mom hair haha.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My sisters labor

My sister Amanda had her baby last night! Watching her labor was so amazing and inspiring. It was her that made me want to do natural birth when I was pregnant. I was able to be therefor her first child's birth 3 years ago. Before I was even married. She kind of was the real push that sparked my interest/ obsession with pregnancy and labor. She had a very eventful labor yesterday. Sean and I both had talks on Sunday so my parents and sister Andrea and brother Justin were at church with us. We all got calls from Amanda that her water had broke at 12 pm right after church was just ending. Corey her husband was at work and she was home alone with her daughter Cortney. My parents rushed to get her and I met them with Noah and Justin at the hospital. Amanda had a huge support group there the entire 6 hours she wa in labor. Her mother in law Cindy my parents Sean Noah Andrea cortney my grandma carol her sister in law Kristen of course her hubby. We even Skyped Robyn occasionally. That's our sister who is also pregnant due in 6 weeks. She lives in Wyoming.

Amanda was so strong. For the first few hours she was having contractions every 4 minutes and wasn't even able to tell for some of them. Around 5 pm they got much stronger and painful. I was acting as a doula of sorts and helping with positions and massaging her back and hips. Also reminding he to drink and to do walks. My mom and Andrea were also great with helping out. Corey was wonderful and loving and giving her words of encouragement and holding her. They had some real tender moments. Towards the end Amanda's dr came in and had her in so many different positions trying to get baby Joshua to come down. His heart rate was dropping with every contraction. At one point it was below 80. The dr said that if he didn't start dropping down in the next 3 pushes they soul have to divan emergency c section due to his dangerous heart rate. He didn't drop. So we were all rushed out if the room and 5 minutes late a nurse came to the lobby and informed up he was born at 6:14 pm healthy and fine. And mom was doing well too. Corey held Joshua while Amanda was still out. It took 2 hours for her to fully come to and get to hold him. But before that they had him in a bassinet by her bed and she could look and touch him as she woke up.

Those last 30 minutes of her labor were stressful for everyone. We knew how important it was to Amanda to have a natural birth. And we were worried about Joshua and her. It was relieving to hear that all was well. Sean had taken Noah and cortney home hours before that. He brought Cortney to he hospital at 10pm to meet her brother. Noah spent the night at grandma Howells house. Cortney was such a sweetheart. She was shaking with excitement and nervousness. She said "that's my Joshua. He is so tiny and I love him" I'm grateful for my awesome supportive family. It was great to see how we all rallied aroun Amanda and Corey to help support an love them. Can wait to get off work and go see them!!

Here are some pictures. I'm not sure if they are all in order of which they were took.

Joshua David Henning (middle name after my Dad) born at 6:14pm on March 10th 2013. 8 pounds 5 ounces 21 inches long.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Savvy consignment Sale

My awesome friend Adriana and I got to go to the savvy sale tonight. It was amazing!! The savvy sale is basically a bunch of vendors that get together and give great deals on their merchandise. It was held at a church building in east Mesa. 30,000 sq ft of stuff and over 1000 vendors. Third trimester moms got to go in at 4:30pm. Second trimester at 5:30 and first trimester at 5:30. Then on friday it is open to the public. Adriana and I got to the church at 4:20pm. The line for the 3rd trimester moms was wrapped around the side of the entrance. We were so worried about that and the affect it would have on our chances of good purchases. We went to the check in table and turns out we were the first ones in line for the 2nd trimester!! Yay :) We made some friends in line with the 3 girls behind us that we ended up being behind in the check out line later.

We waited in line for an hour! It was so worth it though with the great things we got. Right when we were allowed in we rushed to the big items. Adriana got her stroller she needed for her mom and I got the last two swings available. It seems that the big items went the fastest. Most of the swings, strollers and carseats were taken by the 3rd trimester people that got in an hour earlier. I got the exact swing I had just been looking at online last night!! Its the fisher price precious planet swing that swings both front to back and side to side! Usually its $120 but I got it for $75. And I got my sister Amanda a swing for her to keep at my mom's house. Adriana and I helped each other find the things we each wanted and kept places in the check out line. I found her dream diaper bag. It's a ju ju be designer bag that she got half off the normal price. And she found me my dream petunia pickle bottom baby sling! I am obsessed with petunia pickle bottom. I actually just bought a diaper bag from their website last week.

Adriana and I both got new Breast Friend breastfeeding pillows. They are usually $49 but we got them for $18! Most of the baby items I had borrowed from Amanda so we had to buy our own stuff for Rebekah. I used Amanda's breast friend pillow with Noah and I absolutely loved it. Lets see.. what else did I get.. . I got a little bath chair, some maternity clothes (3 outfits for less than $20), sandals for Noah, a swing suit shirt and shorts for Noah, a huge bag full of clothes for Rebekah from size 3mo to 12mo, shoes and hats for Bekah, a cute canvas picture that said "Joshua" for Amanda's baby, socks for bekah, a couple hats for Noah, and a kitchen play area thing to keep on the balcony. I can't believe how much I was able to get. All of it was under $300 :) Amazing for all the stuff I got. Adriana ended up getting a rocking horse, diaper bag, stroller, breast friend and some toys and other things. I'm so happy that we were able to go and that we went together. Here is some pictures of the goodies I got :D