Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Party for Noah

Warning: This is a picture filled post. 

Noah turned 1! Kay he actually doesn't turn one for two days but we celebrated his birthday early. We had his party on the 21st and it was a blast! As with everything we do there was a huge crowd.  ie. wedding, baby shower even Noah's birth haha. Noah has lots of fans.

Being that cute its no wonder everyone loves him so much :)

We couldn't decide between having a pool party or an indoor party so we just did both. It was actually planned pretty last minute. Procrastination is apparently how we do parties.  We had ideas of what we wanted but didn't actually put them into action til 3 days before the party. Still turned out a rockin' time though.Food was simple. We had hot dogs, chips, crackers and cheese platter, potato salad and fruit. Noah was a big boy and ate a whole hot dog, lots of fruit and a couple of chips. We even had a "Noah's Favorite Food" table.

I have an amazing friend who made the cake and even made a bunch of cake balls. Jessica rocks. Then I decorated it.

 It tasted great! If you can't tell that's a duck and some fish on it.
Jessica had planned on making the cake balls look like beach balls but then it turned out to be a little more challenging than she had thought. I tried and it crumbled. So she kept them plain. Still looked cute and tasted oh so yummy. 

Noah had a lovely day. Sean took the day off so the three of us just chilled the whole day. Then in the afternoon we headed off to Onda's house for the party. We all mingled and let the babies play together.
Now here is an overload of pictures. You were warned. . . 

 Noah loved the strawberry juice! So kind of Aunt Amanda to share hers.

Noah had fun splashing in the kiddie pool with his buddies Cortney and Spencer. 

 The men 

 Noah and I had a fun time in the pool. Sean isn't much of a swimmer fan so he elected to just let me play in the pool with our bug. 

 These pictures are so funny! One of the best parts of the evening was when a big gust of wind came and almost blew the canopy away! Every one jumped out of the pool and ran from inside the house to help take it down. Of course Andrea's first action was to document it with some pictures.

 Present Time!!

 That was the gift Sean and I bought for Noah. Its a bath time set with a boat and little fish and a fishing pole to grab them with. Noah played with it yesterday and today and loves it!

 Loves the elephant Great Grandma Nellie gave him.

Cake Time!!
 At first he wasn't really sure if he was allowed to grab at it.

So yummy! 

 He ate most of it til it was basically crumbs. Then decided he wanted to play with the plate and dumped the cake all over. such a silly guy

I can't believe our little baby is 1! (ok almost 1) This year has flown by so fast. I'm glad we soaked it up and have many memories to look back on. Noah has such a big personality now. He loves to smile and laughs all the time. We just love our Noah bug.

Friday, July 20, 2012

13 Things

I thought this would be fun. Here is a list of  13 things you may not know about me. Why 13? Because its a nice number. And 27 would just be too much.

  1. I've never uttered a curse word. Just never got into the habbit and always thought it made a person sound ignorant, disrespectful or both.  
  2. I love the smell of wet dirt. It makes me think of rain. Here in Arizona we don't have much shrubbery or grass. Any where else rain may smell like wet plants or flowers. Here its dirt. Love what you have.
  3. I was the president of a book club in 5th and 6th grade that I started. We met at recess. Yes, there were others in the group not just the books and me haha. There were 4 others in the group. We played at recess as well but for the beginning half we talked about the book we were reading. The club was complete with folders. Don't remember what we kept in them but I still have mine. There is nothing it but it says book club on the front and is decorated with lots of stickers. Precious right?
  4. I'm afraid of the dark. I hate going into a dark room by myself. Those first few months of our marriage where Sean worked nights, I slept with the light on til he got home. I can't go into the bathroom with the light off. Freaks. Me. OUT.
  5. Being a wife and mom has been my dream job since I was little. Whenever people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer has always been that. Even when I decided that I wanted to do massage I knew it was going to be a side thing. Family is my priority.
  6. My favorite drink is water. So simple but quenches the thirst like nothing else. Next in line would be milk.
  7. I love love love to eat! Food can bring anyone together. Onion rings, fresh fruit, mac & cheese, mozzerella sticks, hamburgers, pasta and salads are a few of my favorites.  
  8. I have OCD tendencies. I get anxiety when I'm in a cluttered or messy room. I just start thinking of all the ways it could be organized and it drives me nuts.
  9. You probably already knew this but oh well. I love to change my hair. I dye it and get a new style every 3 months. (got to love batering. I trade massage for hair with a friend. )
  10. I'm not an animal person. Yes I can appreciate when a little kitten meows or when a mama dog is licking her pup. It makes me sad when I see animals hurt (I'm not dead inside) But I just am not a fan of the mess that comes with them. ie. shedding, noise, drool, scratching up furniture. Thats not to say I don't like animals. I just don't want to be the one to care for them, or have them all up in lap.
  11. I don't like driving. Someday I hope to be rich enough to have a chauffeur. haha. Even when I am going some where in my own car, if someone else is going with me I ask them to drive.
  12. I love to make lists! Exibit A, I'm making a list now. But really I make 2 or 3 lists a day. To do lists, grocery lists, need lists, goals, you name it. I love planning things. Ever need a event planned I'm your girl. Planning my wedding was one of the best things. I know most girls go crazy planning theirs but mine wasn't very stressful because I was too busy enjoying it.
  13. My favorite color is Yellow. It's just so bright and cheery.
There you have it. 13 things you may have not known about me. If you did, well then you rock and we should be best friends. We probably already are if you knew all of that actually haha. Turns out 13 things was pretty hard to come up with.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Private or Public, What say You?

So I'm in the process of talking with a wonderful fellow blogger about helping design a button, header and other things for my blog. While emailing her about what I'm looking for with the theme and such I had a thought come to mind.
How do I feel about people I don't know reading my blog? I know I have some readers that I don't know. I have some stats from Russia, Malaysia, Germany and other various places. Yet somehow I only have 14 followers? Guess I have some secret readers. Any who, its never been a concern for me before this morning. My boss was telling me how his wife has a blog and its more of a journal than anything. Thats why I started this blog. It was meant to be an easy way for me to journal and to let people know what me and my family are up to. I'm fine with others reading most of what I post but I have found myself censoring myself so as to not cause any controversialness. (ya I know thats not a word, but it works) Also I haven't written about some really personal stuff because, well its personal. But I would love to have it written down and recorded. I know that someday I want this blog published into a book for my family as a geneology.

I also at the same time love knowing that I have a lot of  return readers (followers or not) and that I'm at least some what interesting. Also my family reads my blog but don't have a blog themselves. I don't know how they can follow my blog without one and still read it if I go to private. Hmm what to do?

Pros of Private:
I can write a negative post and not feel like I'm being judged for being a negative nancy. (eveyone has bad days and I want my blog to refect my real life. The lovely and the other stuff.
I don't have to worry about werido's secret reading my blog
I can write more personal things that are too private to share with the world
I can write about sacred things. Like blessings I've recieved from Sean or revelations we have recieved on our life and family

Pros of Public:
Its easier for family and friends that don't have a blog to read my posts.
I like knowing others find my thoughts interesting even if they don't know me.
Its a fun way to meet new people.
I like having a voice on subjects and having others hear, read my thoughts on things.
It's a great way to get feed back
Networking is great
So here is the question. I would love some feedback. What say you? Private or Public Blog? Is there a way to have the best from both worlds? Other than having two blogs. Thats just too much to keep track of.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Fact: I'm a working mom.
Another Fact: I would much rather be a stay at home mom.

 I am happy to help support our family while my hubby goes to school and gets the learning so he can make the big bucks someday. I just wish the someday was here already. I knew when we got married that this was going to be my role. I was fine with. I still am fine with it for the most part. Its a sacrifice we make so that we can have the things we need. You know like a place to live and food. I don't complain too much, thats what the hubs says anyway, but its pretty hard sometimes. I knew that in the beginning Noah would sleep most of the time I was away at work anyway. That's not true anymore. He only takes an hour nap 2 times while I'm away. Sometimes he takes his afternoon nap pretty late so its when I get home. That means I'm away for 8 hours while he is awake. I can potentially miss quite a lot in that time. I try not to think of it while I'm at work. Otherwise it makes my day pretty crumby. I say this as I'm typing out this post at work! Haha I know I don't listen to well to the advice from working moms about keeping work and home separate and putting 100% into each one when you are there. I'm more of a !00% when I'm home and 90% at work. Don't get me wrong I'm good at my job. My boss likes me and I get all of my work done sometimes I even end up doing other peoples work. I do spend some time texting my mom and Sean about what Noah is up to. Also I take the occasionally blogging break.  Like I said earlier, I am fine with working and I have no issue with mom's who work for the want, not the need. For me however, I don't want to be a working mom if it's not a necessity. Call me old fashioned and anti feminist but for me the women's place is at home with the family. GASP! Feminist all over the world just died a little inside thinking I set back women's rights a couple decades. So sue me. I think you can get a lot of fulfilment through being a mama at home. I would love to have the 50's back where it was uncommon for women to work and they mostly stayed at home with the kids and took care of the families needs. I was totally happy and willing to work before we had Noah. Now that I'm a mom though its hard. When our babies are big enough and in school I will definetly want to work or volunteer to keep myself busy and helpful. Right now thats where my mind is.  I could very well be the creepy head wife on that movie Stepford Wives. . . . ok Just Kidding! I'm not that extreme people!

I know lots of women like to work and are able to find a good balance with work and home. Well I just happen to not be one of those super women. I think its a huge task to find that balance. I've been a working mom for a year now and still haven't found it. Trust me I'm trying!!

I had a big talk with Sean last night and we decided I need to try harder to be ok with working. Not that I've been a crazy mess or anything but I can do better. I work 8 hours at my full time job and then after work I tend to do 3 or 4 massages during the week. Most days I really am fine with working. I make the best out of the time I have with Noah and Sean. Most of the massages I do I try to schedule for when Sean will be home to watch Noah or when he will be sleeping anyway. Its about quality time not quantity of time spent. Some days however are just harder than others. I will have a bad day at work and then that just makes me resent having to be here and not at home. Also when I find myself enjoying work I feel guilty. Like I shouldn't want to be here, I should be miserable because I'm not with my Noah and I could be missing something great. This thought process isn't healthy. Either way I feel bad. It has to change.

How is that going to happen? I have no clue!

I guess its just all mental. I just have to reassure myself that I'm doing whats best for my family right now. Also I know that Noah is being taken care of by my mom. He is in loving and capable hands. The reason this subject came up in the first place was because we were discussing the time line of baby #2. If its hard leaving one baby how much harder is it to leave two? I guess we will see. We made a decision of when we will start TTC for #2. We actually had made the decision of when it would be months ago but we just reconfirmed when that was. We prayed about it fervently and feel like its a good choice. Not telling when that is though. Sorry. Sean wants to keep that between just us. You will find out when I'm all preggie :) We know we aren't ready right now. We both have some things to work on before that happens. I for one need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to be a working mom of two. Also we have some budget things to work on. Sean needs to be sure he can continue to be awesome with school with one more cute baby distraction. Also Sean doesn't want me working either so its a issue with him too. He wants to feel more like he is providing for us. He really is though! School can be tough and its a huge sacrifice for him to do school full time and work part time. I really appreciate him doing that.

Baby time is in the foreseeable future though. We don't want too big of a gap between our babies. Sean still has 3 years of school left. Then when he graduates and gets a good full time job I shall retire my working mom status. Til then I just need to be happy with our situation and make the best of it. Advice on anything about working momness is totally welcomed for any moms out there.

Something that does make it easier for Sean and I to be happier with me working is to think of the other option. I could be a stay at home mom right now. The down side to that would be: Sean would have to do either:  A) work full time and go to school part time, making him be in school even longer and barely making enough to support our family. We would be even more poor than we are now and it would be a huge financial struggle  B) go to school full time, work part time and we live off student loans. Which would come back to bite us in the future when we have a crazy hard time paying them back. Also the amount he gets wouldn't change til after a year of my income going away.   The issue with both of those scenarios is the subject of medical insurance. My work offers great plans at a low cost. If we were to get it on our own it would be through the roof.

P.S. Just to be clear: I hope I didn't sound all ungrateful or whiny in this post. I am so happy I have a good, well paying job. I really am ok with working most of the time. (the medical benefits boost that up as well) I do like my job and my co workers. So its a good environment. Sean and I both would prefer the stay at home mama business though.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 years, say what?

Two years have gone by since I married my best friend in the whole wide universe. Guess what?! It's been pretty great!! I love him more today than I did then. Didn't even know that was possible that day when I was staring at him from across the alter thinking how lucky I am to have caught him. But it has happened, I love him more and more and more. We have been through a lot in these last 2 years. So much to be grateful for. And some experiences that have been tough. Marriage is hard people. Not hard like "oh no this is too hard lets quit" Thats just crazy talk. But it is a lot of work and isn't all smiles and laughs. There is a lot of that though :) We have had differences that needed to be worked through and we have grown closer to each other and to our Heavenly Father by going through them.
Two years of marriage practically makes us experts right? I mean in a world where wedding to divorce last 72 days, 2 years is a pretty dang long time. So here is some advice from us: The old married couple.

  • Love each other. Say it often. Its good to be reminded that you are loved.
  • Serve each other
  • Find what your spouse is interested in a become interested in it too. Even if its just so you know one or two things on the subject. Trust me they will appricate the effort. I'm not a fan of sports but I look at yahoo sports when I have time at work so when I get home I can have something to say when Sean wants to update me on the world of sports happenings. He is alway impressed when I know something before he tells me.
  • Forgive easily.
Not to say our marriage is perfect. We have our disagreements and all that but we always respect each other and even more than that we love each other. I have the best husband in the world. My husband can beat your husband up. haha j/k. Well I don't know he might actually be able to. But thats besides the point. Sean is so kind, loving, thoughtful and puts others before himself. I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet man but I am so grateful I have him. He makes me feel love constantly. I love his silly stories. I love his funny faces he makes to make me laugh when I don't feel like it. I love how he makes me feel beautiful even when I just took off all my make up and got ready for bed in grubby pj's. I love how sweet he is with Noah. How he strives to teach him things and makes sure Noah experiences all the lovely things in life. He has such a good out look on things. No matter what is going on he knows its going to work out for the good. He is my best friend, my baby daddy, my love.
So, we made it 2 years and have an eternity to go, bring it on! We love this adventure of love and marriage.

So I bet you are wondering what the love birds did for their big 2nd anniversary. Well its pretty epic... haha ok not really but we enjoyed it very much. I had to work so after I got off the fun started. We were going to take Noah to feed the ducks at the park but we decided to stop by walmart to pick up the bread and to turn in our old car battery to get money back. Turns out walmart has horrible customer service (who knew big companies don't care about the little guy, right?) and they took half an hour just to get a customer service rep to the cashier so they could do the money back exchange.

By the time we got our money it was already getting dark and rainy. Love summer monsoons :) But they don't do well for park trips. So we took Noah to his Grandma Howells for the night. He has such a fun time with Grandma.

We went to dinner at one of my favorite resturants. Red Robin. I just love a good hamburger and they have delicious ones! We were pretty hungry so we scarffed down our food pretty quickly. They were so kind and gave us the onion rings for free for our anniversary.

Notice we are wearing our wedding colors? I didn't realize this until we were on the way to dinner. So Fun!

Then we went to the theater and saw The Amazing Spider-man. It was A-Maz-Ing! Much better than the first set of movies. Sean got me popcorn and a water and even held my hand during the movie. Ya thats true love right there. Everyone say "awww"

 Looking pretty cool in our 3D glasses.

 That was our night. It wasn't very much but we liked it still the same. We have Noah's bday party this week and the following week we are going to Florida so we decided to just keep the anniversary a small celebration. There was lots of hand holding and kisses. yay for love <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Noah is learning so many things lately. He says Mama, Dada, Ball, No. Hi and sometimes Yummy. He also is getting better at standing and taking step while holding on to things. He knows how to wave and gets very excited when someone waves at him and he gets to wave enthusiastically back. He puts his hands above his head when you do so and say "yay!" He is just getting so big!! I'm glad Sean has been off school and has been able to spend more time with our little Noah. Noah is a mama's boy for sure but he loves his daddy quite a lot as well, of course :) I think Sean has a hard time though because if we are both in the room Noah usually wants to be in my arms. I tell him its just a phase. But I secretly love it! I mean what mom doesn't love it when their baby just wants them and loves to cuddle. Noah has some very tender moments with Sean as well though. He would rather be put to sleep by Sean than me. Also he gets so excited to play with daddy. He plays spiderman with Noah and its one of his favorite games. Sean will hold Noah by his hands and make him fly through the air like spiderman, bouncing off items in the house and landing on platforms. On Sunday mornings we all cuddle in bed together and Noah goes back and forth grabbing at mine and Sean's faces and giving us kisses. We just love it.

Sean is trying to teach Noah to nod his head. Noah loves to shake his head and does it all the time. Its so darn cute. When Sean is feeding Noah he will asks if the food is yummy and Noah will shake his head no. Sean wants Noah to know the difference so he is working hard on that. Its so sweet watching Sean teach Noah. We are also working on getting Noah to learn how to blow kisses, or as Sean likes to say "besos". Which is kisses in Spanish. Noah smiles when we bring his hand to his mouth and do it for him and just giggles and giggles. I think he will catch on soon enough. Also Noah will hug you when you say hugs! Man I can't get over how fast children's minds learn things. Its amazing. God really did create wonderful bodies for us. The human brain is a marvel.

Sean weighed Noah last night and the scale said he was 18lbs. I think he is about 28 or 29 inches now. We will be taking him in for his year appointment in a couple weeks. Yes that's right I said YEAR! I know right?! Crazy! When did my little infant turn into a big boy? His party is next Saturday and we are so excited. More on that to come.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

We had a lovely Independence day with our friends Grady, Rachelle, their 4 boys and another good friend Emily. They pretty much rock at life :) Emily and Rachelle are sisters. I have known them for half my life.
They live in Phoenix so its a far drive from us, but we try to go see them at least 2 times a month (more if we can). While I'm there I give the three of them massages (making the $) and Sean watches Noah. Then we just chill with them the rest of the night. We figure if we are going to drive out there we better make it worth the time and gas and spend as much time as we can with them. It's always a fun time had.

We got to their house in the late morning and pretty much just hung out for a couple hours. We watched a lot of movies that day! Like a lot!! We saw Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3. I only saw parts of 2 and 3 since I was doing 2 massages during them. Then we watched Around the World in 80 days. Grady and Rachelle love to entertain so the prepared a wonderful dinner.

Picture: Club Sandwiches with homemade bread, Teryaki Chicken Cabbage Salad, Cold Veggie Pizza, Corn on the cob

For dessert we had Carmel apple pizza. I feel fat just thinking about all the calories I ate that day.

When it was time for fireworks Noah had already fallen asleep and I still had another massage to do. Sean said he would rather watch a movie so I gave Rachelle a massage and Grady and Emily took the boys to see fireworks. We don't feel like we missed out. Once you've seen fireworks a couple of times it's pretty much the same thing. I am however excited for watching Noah watch them next year when he will actually be interested. If he was awake for them this year he would have been interested for a minute and then be distracted by a million other things. Besides that he was way tired and we didn't want to keep him awake for the show. That was basically our night. Massages, hanging out, movies and laughs. I love when I get to spend a whole day with Sean and Noah. It made it a fun day to get to spend time with them and our friends all day.

**I am grateful we are so blessed to live in this country. I know it has its problems and with the election year out comes the complaining and the back biting. But I still believe it is the greatest country in the world. This is truly the promise land and we are so very blessed to have the opportunities we do here. I'm grateful for our freedoms we enjoy. I hope you all had a great 4th of July**

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camping with Cloth

You might think I'm crazy for this but I decided to use the cloth diapers even on our camping trip. haha Hey, a lot of you probably think its crazy we even use cloth on a regular basis. It's been awhile since I gave an update on the cloth diaper experience. Sean and I still are very pro-cloth! It has saved us so much money and they are so darn cute! Still haven't gotten tired of them, never will. Sean says they are the same as doing disposables at this point only we get to reuse and save. The cloth is so gentle on our Noah's skin so he never gets rashes.

I didn't see the point in buying a bag/box of disposables just for 2 days of camping. I didn't care how much "easier" people might think it would have been. I didn't notice a difference. It's a short post on the subject because honestly there isn't much else to say.  Cloth diapers while camping = just as easy as disposables. Only I didn't have to fork out any money on them and I didn't have to worry about extra trash. The wet bag kept all smells concealed so no worries about that either.


My family went on a camping trip this last weekend. It was such a blast!! The only thing that could have made it even better was if my love was there. Sean couldn't go due to work. He was scheduled for that Friday and Saturday. Not only was he not able to get out of it but also our bank account would have greatly suffered had he missed those work hours. It was the longest we have gone without seeing each other since we started dating in January of 2010. It was 32 hours of not seeing my love. It was pretty tough at night. I got to see him the morning before we left and the night we came home so we have kept our record of not going a day without seeing each other for over 2 years. Sweet or pathetic? You decide haha. We are on the side of sweet :)

Noah had a great time on his first ever camping trip. He got to get really dirty and even eat some dirt and rocks haha. What baby wouldn't love that?! Silly guy.

We left Friday at 10am. We had planned on 8am but this is my family we are talking about so not surprising. We tend to leave later than planned for most things. This is why we always pick crazy earlier times to "leave" or "start" because its almost always hours later that it actually happens. Sean and I are notorious for being late to family things with my family. We secretly do it on purpose. Mostly because the reason above. They will tell us its starts at one time and then call us at that time asking where we are (we are on our way) and when we get there they arent even ready to leave or start dinner or whatever other activity is taking place. haha.

We got everything packed into the two vehicles. Noah and Cortney rode with my mom and dad and brother Justin. Andrea and I rode with Amanda and Corey in his truck. It was suuuuuch a long freaking drive there! We got to the intended camp site and saw a sign that read "closed, Fire warning" or something to that effect. So we continued driving for awhile until we found two open campsites. We chose the less expensive one of the two. We complained a lot on the way up there but mostly just because it was fun. haha. We had a fun time driving up there even though it was uncomfortable. I asked Corey if it would have killed him to have bought an extended cab truck and he said yes. Guess thats the end of that debate.

We got to camp and set up our sleep quarters. Here are the pictures of them.

Mom and Dad and Cortney slept in one tent.

Justin was on a cot in his own tent

Me, Noah and Andrea were in a tent

Amanda and Corey slept under the stars on an air mattress but we didn't get a picture. 

After we set everything up we had lunch. Then we went for a hike/walk. It was mostly a walk since it was a paved trail and not up or down hill. We walked for about a mile. At the end there was a beautiful view of the rim! Amanda and I kept freaking out whenever anyone would get close to the edge. I guess its a mom thing. We just saw them falling over and dying every time they would come close. I think our "close" and their "close" was very different though. We felt more comfortable with being 10 feet from the edge. They were fine with 1 foot. It really was so pretty though so we were glad to have seen it. Even more glad no one fell off the edge.

 Such a funny dad we have! He was being "gangster". You know they often do the I love you sign haha

Cortney likes to copy her Uncle Justin
 Stopped and played some baseball with pine cones and sticks.

Then we went back to the camp site and just hung out. It was a pretty chill lazy day. Mostly just watched Noah and Cortney play with dirt and toys, and talked and joked around a lot. When dinner time came around Dad and Mom made hot dogs while amanda served everyone up. She loves making plates for everyone. I think its mostly to do portion control to make sure everyone gets their fill. (Good idea with our family haha our eyes are bigger than our tummies sometimes).

The next day Andrea, Dad, Corey and Amanda woke up crazy early to go see the sun rise at the rim. Mom, Cortney, Justin , Me and Noah enjoyed our beauty sleep.

Noah woke up, sat up, looked at me then rolled over on top of me like so and then went back to sleep. It was so precious! I just let him lay like that for an hour and fell sleep as well. He is such a sweetheart. I love when he is cuddly like that. Oh! Before I forget! Noah said "yummy" throughout the whole camping trip. Every time we would give him food he would say it. I think he got it from my mom. She says it all the time to him when she is  feeding him.

Later that morning we packed up camp and drove to the river. Mom and I opted not to get wet. I'm not a fan of dirty, cold water. I'm not opposed to letting Noah be in it though. He loved it! Everyone else had a good time playing in it as well. Dad threw some pretty big rocks at Andrea (not hitting her of course but close enough!) forcing her to go deeper and deeper into the water to get away. It was pretty hilarious! She got him back though. She splashed him pretty good. When everyone had their fill of the river we headed home.

It was a very successful trip. I think we are all more grown up because it was the first family trip in a while that there was no arguments at all! We are such big kids now and can get along :)  Noah and I were both very tired and a little sunburned. It seems that Noah got Sean's genes on the skin though. Noah has very fair skin like me but he apparently doesn't burn like I do. I get burned and it fades slowly from red to pink back to very white. Sean however goes from red to tan. And he doesn't stay red for long. I'm happy to say that Noah was only red until the next day and now has an olive tint to his fair skin. Lucky duck! Oh well. I like my snow white fair skin. It works for me :)

When we got home Noah had a bath, I showered and then we played for a while, had dinner, read some books and then I put him to bed. He was so overtired (he didn't nap very much that weekend) that he was fighting the sleep. He cried for about 10 minutes. I grabbed him out of the crib and read him another story and cuddled him until he fell asleep. As soon as I put him in the crib he woke up! So I just let him cry for another 5 minutes and he was out. Poor guy was so sleepy. I cant stand dirty laundry from a trip to sit for too long so I got all the laundry done that night, and unpacked everything. Sadly I didn't see Sean until 10pm that night. Dang work. So I entertained myself with netflix and played Plants Vz Zombies on my itouch. Sean got me addicted to the game. He got home and I told him all about our adventures. He said he had a pretty good time too. He missed us but he was able to use the alone time to read up on his music artists, play some games, and practice his guitar. (If I didn't tell you his new years resolution was to learn to play guitar)

I hope this post wasn't too boring. It was fun to write about.