Friday, December 4, 2015

Noah is a little man

Noah is almost a man Or so he thinks! Ha-ha. He likes to make all his own choices and show how big he is. He doesn't like it when we help him with things one minute and then the next complains we won't do it for him.
* he has grown more independent which is fun and sad at the same time. He is growing so much
* He is still struggling with being fully potty trained. He wears a diaper at night and sometimes wakes up dry. He will go days or weeks with no day time accidents and then he will have one or other times he will have them all day. It's frustrating for both of us. He just gets distracted. He gets upset when he has an accident but doesn't always tell us. He does great with it at preschool and church though
* Noah goes to preschool Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30am to 11:30am. He goes to a friends house that teaches. She has her son and another little girl in the class.
* Noah knows all his letters from sight and can sing the alphabet. He can count to 20 sometimes he needs help with 12-14. He knows all the shapes and colors. He is such a smart kid. He has a hard time with writing. He hasn't chosen a dominant hand yet. He sometimes holds the writing  utensil to limp and doesn't put enough pressure to write. We are working on it and he shows improvement every time.
* his teacher adores him. She always has a funny, or sweet story to tell me when I pick him
* quotes " I love that you teach me things miss sarah. Thanks! "
* he introduces himself to everyone we see. Even at the stores.
" he and Rebekah play more together. He tells her what to do and she follows him. Sometimes she doesn't and he gets upset but then just goes with what she wants ha-ha
* he is a sweetheart. He loves being silly and making us laugh.
* he will still cuddle with mom and dad and likes hugs.
* he weighs 32lbs
* he likes his hair cut like daddys.
* he can't wait til he can have a beard like dad. He asks other men "why is your beard bald?"
* he is such a caring boy. He asks how we are doing and if he can help with anything.
*he is so responsible. He takes care of his messes and getting snacks for himself.
*he knows when he is tired and takes care of it. He will tell us he is tired and just go lay in bed and ask for a song and prayer.
* He talks in his sleep. He wakes up laughing sometimes and says something silly
* He has a loud, blasting laugh.
* he loves having his picture taken and yells "cheese " and leans forward.
* he is super smart. He learns things quickly. He likes to tell everyone around him what he learned that day. "Cheese has protien!" "Plants grow from seeds when you plant them in the ground and water them and give them sunlight"
* He loves being held and giving hugs. He wipes away kisses but asks for them all the time ha-ha
* he is so polite. He introduces himself to random people all the time and asks what their name is.
* He has a small voice when talking sometimes it's hard to hear. Then other times he is so loud it hurts our ears.
* he likes making up jokes and stories
* he is a mama's boy. He likes to tell me everything. And loves cuddles and holding my hand.
* he is obedient and kind. He listens well when people use a soft voice and loving guidance. If he is just told what to do with force he shuts down and cries and gets defensive.
* he says the silliest things.
* he likes to help cook and clean and pretty much anything that's being done he wants to help with.

Our Tiny Rebekah

Our Tiny Rebekah

*she was delayed with her speech for awhile and we were getting worried. Turns out she just didn't want to talk ha-ha. 2 months after her birthday she just started to use more words. Then by 2 years 3 months she was using sentences. She has such a small sweet voice. Everything she says is adorable
* she has been playing a learning app on the iPad and now knows some letters from sight. R, O, T, S, C, N, M and a few others.
* she can count to 3 and knows a few other numbers
* she loves to color
* she is tiny. At 2 1/2 yrs she weighs 23lbs
*when she gets mad and we try to calm her down or ask her what's wrong she yells "happy Bekah!" Ha-ha. Umm no you're clearly not happy but okay silly girl
* She likes to play this game where she tells you that you are someone else - points to daddy "you Noah" points to Abigail "you daddy!" Then she giggles
* she loves it when you we pretend to be sad and then she kisses our head and we exclaim that we are happy now
* she loves to wrestle with Abigail.
*she and Noah play male believe now. It's so cute to watch
* she is our naked child. She takes off her clothes all the time. * she is partially potty trained.  She started it all on her own. She takes her diaper off and would go sit on the potty. She rarely poops in her diaper. She has gone a day or two completly in underwear and then she will go back in a diaper because she doesn't want underwear anymore.
* she is just so silly.
*she is a major daddys girl. She jumps up and down and runs to him when he gets home from work. She likes to stroke his beard.
* she is so maternal. She likes to put her baby dolls and stuffed animals to sleep and give them cuddles.
*she wickedly smart. She hatches plans to make messes and run away. 
*her hair is beautiful. We love her curls. Occasionally she has let me braid it and do fun things. Usually not. She is wild and likes her hair to show that 
*she likes dirt. It's her favorite. She loves throwing it and putting it in buckets and bags and carrying it around. 
*Minnie Mouse is her favorite thing ever. She loves her. She says "ninny mouse" 
* she says pup instead of cup. Anything with a c sound she says with a "p" or a "t" 

All About Abigail

I feel so bad I haven't been so great at documenting Abby's baby months. Three kids sure does keep me busy. But here I am almost 10 months later to update about miss baby.

*Abigail is such a happy girl. She rarely cries and smiles easily. *She has a smile that takes up her whole face. Her eyes light up and her grin is so big even her cheeks are smiling. Her eyes are blue so far.
*She currently has four teeth both middle on top and bottom.
*She loves biting things especially toes.
*She has become quite the noise maker this last month. Grunts and squealings are her thing.
*she started crawling around 4months and standing soon after and walking while holding onto the couch or toys at 8months.
*she can stand on her own but not for long. Maybe a few seconds.
*she has taken a few steps without holding onto anything this week but it's mostly her trying to not fall.
* She adores Noah and he is the best at making her laugh. Although he is only sometimes interested in her. But he does get some pride from making her laugh which is cute.
* Rebekah and Abigail love to wrestle. Abigail will attach Rebekah's legs til she falls and then she crawls ontop of her and gets her hair. Then Rebekah pushed her over and lays ontop of her ha-ha. It's so entertaining to watch.
* Rebekah calls Abigail  " Abby. Baby. " and sometimes "babies Gail"
* she has a million nicknames. Baby girl, Abby babe, baby Gail, Abster.
* She recognizes her name and comes when we call for her.
* her favorite toys are her siblings. If she can't play with them she loves anything she can chew on.
* She loves food. We don't give her baby food. She eats whatever we eat. Or as I like to say - we aren't doing baby led weaning , we do sibling led weaning. She eats whatever the big kids drop on the floor for her or whatever she steals from them ha-ha. Her first food was mashed potatoes. Then she had avacodo. She eats basically everything at this point except honey. She loves pb&j, oatmeal, noodles.
* She goes back and forth with sleeping through the night. Some nights she does then she will go days or weeks with waking up all night. She just loves mama cuddles.
* She bad shares with us. I always said that I would never do that. Then I changed my mind this time ha-ha. Around 2 months I just got tired of putting her back in her bed so I stopped. Now that she is older she spends less time in our bed. She goes to sleep in her own crib in our room around 7-8pm. Then when she wakes up about 11pm I feed her in bed with me and then put her back in her crib. Then at 3-5pm she wakes up and I fed her and just keep her in bed with us cuz I'm tired and lazy and she is so small and cuddly.
*she loves when daddy dances and sings to her
* we got her ears pierced a few weeks after her 3 month shots. I love them.
* I love listening to her sing. She makes pretty songs with her squeals and coos.
* she can say Dada
(first word) and mama.
* At her 9 month Dr appointment she was 15lbs and 22 inches long. She is in the 2% for her age. We just have tiny little ones. * SHE HAS A MOHAWK. It's so funny that her hair just grows like that. Just fuzz on the sides and long hair that sticks up in the middle.
*she makes a grunting/groaning sound for a couple minutes right before she fall asleep.