Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Growing a Baby, 8 Weeks 5 days

Today we had the ultrasound. We were surprised that it only lasted a few minutes. Our baby is about 1in. long and has a tail. It has a strong, healthy heartbeat of 185. We were thrilled to hear the baby finally and to be able to see it. According to the ultrasound technician, Deana is 8 weeks and 5 days along. She said that the due date according to the ultra sound will be August 4th but that the doctor will probably just leave it at August 8th. Deana got a little teary eyed when she heard the baby's heart beating. I was amazed to see such a tiny little creature growing. It made things feel a lot more real to me. We are both very excited for the rest of the pregnancy and can't wait to see more pictures in a few weeks.

This is the side view. I dont know if you can tell but
the head is on the right and the tail is to the left.
This is the same view, just a little harder to see.

Monday, December 27, 2010

School, Morning Sickness, New House, Doctors Appointment, Etc

We haven't been very good at keeping up with the postings as of late. Its been about two weeks now. Sorry friends! We will do much better with writing. Not that many people read this anyway. But its nice to dream. Haha. I guess we mostly keep this for ourselves anyway. Its fun to go back even now with not so many posts and read what has gone one. It will be even better later when the baby is born to go back and reminisce on how things were with the pregnancy and everything else. So anyhow these past few weeks....

Morning Sickness Sucks!! Just in case anybody wasn't aware. Also the name is very misleading. Its not just morning, its also : nights, and afternoons if something smells funny or you eat something that doesn't agree with your body. I have thrown up so much in the past two weeks, its almost just a normal part of the day. I keep telling myself that it could be worse and that I have a pretty mild case of it. But still its no fun to eat something yummy and then throw up disgustingness an hour or less later. It has been better today and yesterday though so I'm quite happy about that. I was still nauseous these last two days but I haven't thrown up at all. That is quite an improvement from the 6 times a day that it had been. I think for the most part I have it under control now. The solution was finding out what things work for me and getting a eating schedule down. I was used to just eat at random times of the day but that apparently doesn't work for the baby. I need to eat at consistent times and small meals. Every woman I have spoken to about morning sickness has suggested crackers. This however, didn't work for me at all. I just threw up the crackers and that was just gross. The salt didn't agree with me. I've found that honeycomb cereal works best for me. Its sweet but not too sweet and has a subtle taste. I eat it when I first wake up and throughout the day to keep my stomach settled. Also ginger ale and apples are great for keeping me from getting sick. Sean is the best husband in the world! He has taken care of me so well and is so sweet about everything. I have been so tired lately and going to bed so very early and it has been driving me nuts. Sean however is so kind about it and makes me feel better. I just feel so lazy always wanting to sleep or just be sitting at home. But he sweetly reminds me "Honey you are growing a child in you body. It's going to take energy. Pregnancy sounds hard. Just rest"  It just makes me smile. He is so understanding and tries to be on top of whats going on with me and make sure anything me or the baby might need we have right away. Sometimes I just don't think I deserve him, he is so perfect for me.

Sean School update: He passed all of his classes this semester!! It was a tough semester and he barely skid by in one of the classes. This is both of our faults. He had a hard time concentrating and keeping up and I wasn't so great at supporting him in his studying. We blame it on being newlyweds. We are very happy he still passed his classes well enough that he won't have to take any of them again. We also promised each other we will do much better this coming semester. I will be better at supporting him and not distracting him and he will be more dedicated to his studying. He is signed up for 3 classes and still needs to find one more then he will be all done with enrollment.

We got a house!! Since deciding to start trying for a baby we knew we would need to move into a bigger place. We had figured we would just move into a two bedroom apartment in the same complex we are in now. Then things happened fairly fast to change our minds. We had been thinking recently about maybe getting a house instead but then found we didn't have enough money saved for a down payment. That dream quickly faded. Also the other thought was that we didn't want to get stuck in a house for the next 10 years when we weren't sure of where Sean would be working or going to school. So once again we had made the decision to stay in the apartment complex. Around the beginning of this month our friends Annette and Grant called us to let us know that they were moving to Texas and looking for someone to rent their house. They wanted friends to move in so that they can feel more at ease. Renting to strangers can be a nightmare with all the damage they can do to the house or moving without notice. So they offered the house to us. We went over the next day to see the house. I had already been over before and remembered loving it and thinking it is just so cute. Sean quickly agreed once he saw it. Its a 4 bedroom home in a good neighborhood, with a huge backyard. Rent is really cheap for awesomeness of the place too! Its just perfect. After deciding we for sure wanted the place the only problem was finding someone to take over our lease for our apartment. We still have 6 months left. That proved to not be much of a problem at all since we found someone fairly quickly. It was a friend of a friends sister. Funny how things just work out when its the right thing. Annette and Grant found someone for their house, we found someone for our apartment, and the guys moving into our apartment found some where to live. We love how well it has worked out for all of us involved. We move into the house Jan 10th! I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for taking care of us and blessing us so much.

First Doctors Appointment!! Today was my first appointment with my doctor. It went great! Sean was able to take the morning off and be there with me for it. My doctor is just wonderful. His name is Dr. Hazelrigg. We both love him. He was very helpful, informative and funny. I am 8 weeks pregnant and he said I am perfectly healthy and the right weight and my uterus is the size it should be at this point. I get to have my ultrasound tomorrow. We are so excited to finally see the little baby one. Well I have things to get done so I shall be back tomorrow with more updates. Love ya

Sunday, December 12, 2010

God has not promised skies always blue

I know we said we would write about the christmas party the Sunday after, but as you can see that didn't happen. We just got so busy with everything in life and didn't have a chance to get on to post. So here we are a week later to finally get a blog post up about our amazing night and all else that has been going on.

The Work Christmas Party:
I was so excited to get dressed up in one of my old fancy dresses from High School and go to the party with Sean. I tried on a couple but due to pregnancy (my hips have already gotten much bigger) I didnt fit into some of them. I did however find one that was a tie up that fit me pretty well. We looked dang spiffy if I do say so myself. We went to my parents house to get ready so that Brittney Leckey could do my hair for me. Sean went to his Mom's house and stole a jacket and tie from Seth. That kid just has stylish clothing. We had a fun time getting ready and Andrea took pictures of us. 
Getting ready. I was fixing his jacket. Also the hair clip in my hair I had made that morning :)

Ready to party!
After leaving the house we got a text from his boss saying the party started at 6pm and we were just leaving at 6:30pm. Sean had thought it started at 7pm. We were about 45 min late but that was ok. A lot of people were late. We sat at a table with some of his co workers and three of the other women at the table were also pregnant. haha It was nice talking to them about experiences. There was great music and we danced most of the time we were there. His work friends said we were fun to watch together. When we got tired from dancing so much we went to sit back down and they told us "no you cant stop, we like watching you dance. You two are good." So naturally we went back to the dance floor and danced like it was the only thing to do. The food was really delicious. We had prime rib, ham, mashed potatoes, salad, and all sorts of other yummyness.
They gave out awesome prizes as well. But we sadly didn't win anything this year. Maybe next year. It was a wonderful night at such fun seeing everyone.

The rest of the week:
This whole week I have been sick, not from the pregnancy though. I have had a cold or some kind of virus. It got to Sean on Friday. Tuesday I stayed home from work because I was throwing up and had a bad ear ache. Then on Wednesday thru Friday I just felt tired and had a bad cough. Poor Sean had to take care of me and try to keep up on studying for his finals.Thats pretty much all we did this week was try to recover.  We both agree he hasnt been able to get much studying in lately so he is staying in tonight to get ready. He has one final on Monday (tomorrow) and one on Tuesday.

Saturday 12/11/2010 - Grandpa Russ's Funeral:

Yesterday was Grandpa Russ's Funeral. There was a mixture of feelings that day. It was of course very sad but there was also a lot of laughter and happiness as well. There was a viewing before the funeral that was just for immediate family. It was hard to see him that way. It just didn't look like him. I didn't cry then because it just didn't seem real. The service was beautiful. Dad gave the life history of Gpa Russ. I was very grateful for that part. I learned somethings I hadn't know before. I knew that he was in world war 2 and that he was married before and that he one day called up my grandma a while after his wife and her husband (my first gpa) had passed and purposed they get married. She then went up to Texas, where he was living, to turn him down. Then she came back engaged! haha. He then started taking the discussions and was baptized one day, confirmed the next and married the day after that. I started crying while my dad spoke about Grandpa Russ. He was such a great man and so sweet and spry even at his old age. I will miss him so much. We were reminded in the service by his Bishop that he had made all the covanants required and was prepared to be with God. We know he is in a better place. Grandma was strong til the very end when they did the army ceremony part and gave her the flag that was laid on top of his casket. After the service was over we went to see my Grandpa Jerry's grave. It was a couple rows down from Grandpa Russ's. It was nice to go stand by his head stone and just have a moment to honor and remember him as well. Two wonderful men gone to be with Heavenly Father. I miss both of my Grandpa's so much. Grandma has good taste in men. haha Afterward everyone went to Grandma's for lunch. It was so great to see the family. My dad's brothers and their families are just such funny people. Oh,  I just love family!

So thats pretty much all I have to say for now. I just wanted to end this post with a poem that Grandma Carol had put in the program for the funeral.

God has not promised skies always blue,
Flower strewn pathways
All our life through,
God has not promised
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow
Peace without pain.

But God hath promised
strength for the day,
Rest for the laborer:
Light for the way,
Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy
Undying love

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This week in our life..

A lot has been going on since we found out we are pregnant. Some good and some not so good. Sean had a ten page paper to write on dousisim in modern china. It is due today but he wanted to get it done by friday because we had his works Christmas party tonight. More to come on that subject in a few paragraphs down. So the paper took what felt like forever to write, ten pages is a lot to write. He finally got it done last night though, which made us both very happy. He stayed up late many nights writing and then ended up being exhausted the next day. Work has been going well for the both of us. We told everyone at our jobs about the baby news and they all are so excited for us. This is going to be a great adventure for us :)

The not so good new is that my (deana) Grandpa Russ passed away this morning. Its good because he won't be in pain any longer and is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. It's still very sad and hard for the family though. He and my Grandma Carol were in Texas for the winter and he got sick with pnomina and was in the hospital. He suffered a heart attack while there and was put in the ICU. He was there for 2 weeks and wasn't showing any impovement. Last night the family got together with Robyn, Corey and Andrea on speaker, since they couldnt be there in person, and we said a prayer for Gpa Russ. Daddy asked
Amanda to say the prayer. It was one of the most emotional, spiritual prayers I had been apart of. She prayed for us all to be comforted and for Grandpa to not have pain and that His will, will be done. And that we will be able to let him go. Justin was having a hard time with it and was crying pretty hard. Mom was sweet and told him that it will be ok. We will see him again and that he will no longer be in pain. The cute-est thing was she told him that "Grandpa Russ is going to go to Heaven and go fishing with Grandpa Jerry and Jesus."  Grandpa passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning at 7:30am. It made us all happy to know he will be there waiting for us. I am so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge that I have. I know what the purpose of this life is and I know where I am going. I know that we will all be together again as a family forever. Families are an eternal unit. God's plan is so perfect. Even in such a sad time we can still be happy knowing these truths. Amanda told me to go online and listen to "God be with you til we meet again" by the Mormon Tabernacle Chior because it will make me smile. So I did and guess what?.. It did :)So I thought I would share it with you. It is such a beautiful song and so peaceful. I hope you like it.

Always makes me cry, but a good cry.

So now for what is and has gone on today. Sean went to work at 7am and I stayed home and cleaned our disaster of an apartment. It feels so good to have it clean and smelling pretty. The past week we had just let the organization and cleaning go out the window. It was just bad! haha With Sean concentrating on his school work and me just being busy with family there wasnt much happening with picking up after ourselves. The sink was full of dishes and we just left clothes all over the bedroom. The kitchen was just plain messy. In the living room we left shoes and jackets on the floor and there was mail spead across the coffee table. I think you get the picture, haha, it was just messy messy messy. It was driving us both nuts but we just didn't have time to clean. Normally we keep our apartment really clean and everything has a place. Finally I had time to rectify ourselves and make our home a heaven on earth. After all, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I feel acomplished now that it is back in order. It was also a primp day, which I love! I painted my toes and finger nails a beautiful christmas red. I can't wait til the big party tonight! Well I'm signing off for now.  We will either write more tonight after the party or tomorrow.
Love ya