Thursday, May 30, 2013

Impending plans

Hey guess what peeps?! I'm having a baby sometime in the next month. I just had my doctor appointment today. I got the strep b test and will get the results back next week. I'm onto weekly appointments now :) I'm currently 35 1/2 weeks pregnant.

At my appointment dr Hazelrigg checked my cervix and was surprised to say that I'm 3cm dilated and 75% effaced and he said he could feel the top of her  head down right on my cervix. Locked and ready to come anytime. He is guessing anytime in the next two weeks! How great would it be to have a baby in two weeks ?! Everything is ready to go at home so I'm perfectly happy havin her whenever she is ready! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transition from Babyhood

I know Noah hasn't been a baby for many months now. He is a toddler. But it's hard to not think of him as my little baby. It's so crazy all the things he has learned to do and say. He is such a little toddler child. Not a baby anymore. Yet I find myself clinging to his babyhood sometimes. It's going to be a shock when I have Rebekah seeing how big Noah is compared to her.

He is such a sweet spirit. I love seeing him point out Jesus in pictures. And when he finds a picture of someone in the family he gets excited to say who it is. Sometimes I send pictures of myself to Sean and when Noah sees them Sean says he blows me kisses and says "hugs". He uses sentences quite a lot now. He is such a smart little guy. Sean said yesterday Noah decided his stuffed lamb needed a diaper. He grabbed a wipe and started wiping the lambs bum saying "poopy, ya poopy, clean it" haha. Then he brought the lamb and a diaper to daddy so he could put it on for him. 

Potty training is still going, slowly, but still going. It depends on his interest that day. He is pretty good at letting us know after he has gone. In fact he has on nuermous occasions brought us the diaper and wipes and laid on the ground for us to "change it" as he says haha. I'm sure once he really wants to be potty trained it will be easily done. 

He has been having nightmares a lot lately. Sean says he is enterninf he age that he starts to understand fear. He wakes up crying and sometimes screaming and all we can do is just hold him and squeeze him. Soon he calms down and hugs us back and goes back to sleep. I hope he grows out of this soon. I feel so bad having him so upset and sad. 

I can't believe he will be 2 years old in 2 months. Pretty crazy how fast it goes. 

Some fun things about Noah 

-he has such an adorable laugh. Especially when he is tired. It gets loud and fast and he shoves his fingers in his mouth

- he loves to "work out" he pulls out my yoga mat and does his version of jumping jacks on it and does tumbles. He also tries to do push ups and sit ups like he has seen daddy do. 

- he loves to point out body parts on babies. Like their eyes piggies, nose, mouth

- he gives closed mouth kisses now. But most of the time if you ask for a kiss he just leans in so you can kiss him 

- he says "no k!" When he doesn't like something. 

- he is a pro at the stairs and can go up and down with just holding one of our hands. 

- we are working in getting him in the toddler bed. He likes to come out to get kisses or hugs or water. So we end up putting him in the crib. We have heard of some suggestions on what to do with getting him to stay in bed. I will blog more on that later. 

-he loves the muppets! Sean plays this video of them singing the bohemian rhapsody song and Noah just is inthralled with it. He gets excited and does his dancing back and forth and saves his hand saying "hi muppets! Hi" over and over. He even sings some of the words to it. He also loves the Cookie Monster. He has a stuffed one and loves to watch YouTube videos of him. 

We just love our Noah child. Thanks for picking us as parents and blessing our lives Noah ! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

33 1/2 weeks

Had the ultrasound. Not as exciting as I thought it would be. Rebekah is facing my back and head is low in my pelvis. Not a bad thing though since that's the preferred birth position. Tech says she is about 4lbs now so at 40 weeks she should be about 7.5lbs. We shall see!! Also my Dr said that I'm the perfect patient and look great.  He was surprised that I don't have any swelling except in my hands. Every time he has seen me he has complimented my skinny ankles  and weight gain and cute belly. I love going to my appointments because its such a self esteem boost!!  He said that I should have a whole bunch of babies since pregnancy seems so easy for me and im good at it. Haha good thing cuz that's the plan!

He said that seeing as how she is so low and that I had Noah early he is expecting me to not go past 38 weeks. Now that it's in my head I will probably be disappointed if she is later. No worries though baby girl it's all in your hands so do what's best for you. I'm just excited to meet you. The hospital bag is packed and the pre-registration at the hospital is done! Baby time is in less than two months. Somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Yay!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shower of the Baby variety

II had my baby shower this past Saturday. I loved it! It was a long day though and I was happy to go home and relax and go to bed early afterward.

That morning my family had a funeral to go to. It was a beautiful service and the spirit was so strong. It was for a guy that went to my home ward from when I was young. He fought cancer for 4 years and passed last week. He had a wife and a young child. It's so hard to think about but I know they are comforted by the knowledge of the Gospel and that they are sealed for all time and eternity. 

After the service we went back to my parents house and had lunch. My dad and Sean had work so they missed out. We ate and let Noah and Cortney take a nap. Then us girls left to Ondas house to set up for the shower. Corey and Justin took the kids to the mall. 

The theme to the shower was Dr Suess. I got a lot of ideas off Pinterest. It turned out so cute! The food table was full of Dr Suess books to go with each food item. My favorite was the cake. I'm not usually a cake person. Our wedding featured a giant muffin and little mini muffins instead of cake in fact haha. But this cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. My sister Amanda had her friend make it. She is crazy talented and never went to school for it either. She just taught her self through the Internet. Amazing right?! My sister Amanda and brother Justin are lovely people and paid for the cake for me. How kind right :) I saved pieces for the guys in the family to have too a d they were very grateful. We saved the bottom half of the cake to use for a birthday cake for either Noah this year or Rebekah. Maybe we will do a party for when she comes home. We will see. 

The shower was pretty chill which was nice since last shower for Noah was way packed and loud since it was coed. I think it was appropriate and fun that time since it was the first child and a boy Sean wanted to be there. But this time having a girl I wanted it to be more girly party. We only played two games, the guess how big mommys belly is and gift bingo. After the game and gift unwrapping we cut the cake and ate of it's deliciousness. Most people left after the cake but the ones that stayed painted their nails and chatted more. I loved painting our nails. It was girly and fun. It was nice seeing all my friends and getting lots of adorable outfits for Rebekah. Also it was pretty funny that there were three newborns there and 3 pregnant women not including me. Tis the time for babies in my group of friends. 

Rebekah you are one lucky girl. Not only do you have a very loving family and cute cute clothes to come home to but you also get lots of friends for play dates !! We love you sweet girl. Only 7ish weeks til we meet. I'm now 33 weeks along. You are kicking and moving like crazy as usual. Daddy calls you his wild one haha. Love you! 

My mother in law took a bunch of pictures but hasn't sent then to me yet. I will post then as soon as I get them. For now here are the few I took.