Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sewing Projects: the new adventure

I bought a sewing machine months ago and I have rarely used it since. Until recently! I decided that I wanted to cultivate new talents and hobbies and sewing was going to be one. So far I have made window curtains, pillow cases and a skirt. The skirt ended up big so I gave it to a friend. My friend Melissa Lowe and I are going to be making some maxi skirts soon for pregnancy. I am so excited to make something that I get to wear all the time!

It's pretty fun figuring out how to get the projects done. My mom is amazingly talented with sewing and making her own patterns. If I can be half as good as she is some day then I will be happy. I love all the quilts, dresses, skirts and other things she as made for me growing up and now. I hope to be able to give that to my children someday.