Sunday, November 16, 2014

How goes this Pregnancy

RI'm not doing so great on updates on the blog. It's a busy life when you have two children and one borrowed child during the day and all else that goes on in life. I do want to keep a good record for each of of my sweet children though so I will try to do better. I think the last pregnacy update was about the gender reveal which was months ago! My morning sickness finally went away around 18 or so weeks I believe. It has been replaced with heart burn instead. I much prefer that though as it's not as bad. Abigail is a lively soul who moves around with great force. Haha. I think she will have a lot of energy when she comes earth side. Rebekah still loves pulling up my shirt and poking my belly. Noah enjoys telling Abigail stories and making sure she is coming with us when we go places. Haha not sure where else she would go. I love that the kids love her so much already. They are going to be so good to her when she comes. She is a lucky little girl. I'm almost to the third and final trimester! I will be 27 weeks on Wednesday. We have everything ready for her arrival. The birth pool is rented, placenta encapsulator is picked and the birth kit has arrived and everything else we need for the birth and all of her things are set up and ready. Now we just get to wait patiently until it is time for her to come.

I'm kind of sad because the student midwife who had been at all of my parental appointments with my midwife Stephanie has decided to not work for her anymore. She has other plans and needs and opportunities which I'm sure will be best for her but she will be missed. She still goes to the bellies group every other week so it's great to see her there. That is something that I really am enjoying with this pregnancy is the home birth community. I love the group and the facebook group online and the support we all give one another in all aspects of life not just homebirth topics. Being a mom and wife can be trying sometimes and it's so wonderful to have people who understand and can give advice and love and support. I am excited for the new assistant Stephanie will have now. Her name is Amy Roberts. She is actually the one I am renting the birth pool from and she is going to be encapsulating my placenta. Im so happy she will be there to help with my birth. Sean loves that I have this group as well. He says that not only is a it a great support and outlet for me but also its best for networking. He is happy I found someone to rent the tub from for so cheap. Also I'm trading a massage for the placenta pills. He is really supportive of me doing the pills too. He said anything that helps me be me and heal after the baby he is in support of.

Stephaine is an amazing midwife. She is so empowering and kind and nonjudgmental. I like her hands off approach. Im excited to habe her there for me when I have Abigail.

So here are some belly pictures. I think it's basically the same as the other two pregnancies. I make cookie cutter babies haha.

Back to Cloth Diapers

As you may remember we had a bad experience with cloth diapering with Noah and never tried it with Rebekah. It started out ok with Noah but he started to get rashes all the time and also we just got tired of carrying a bag around that smelled like pee. Also they leaked all the freaking time!

This time has been a different experience so far. We tried out a few different brands and asked around to a lot of friends what they liked best. We decided on using Flip diaper covers and bamboo inserts as well as bumgenius all in one diapers. We are careful to not use anything with microfiber that touches baby's skin. We are pretty sure that's what caused all the smell and rashes with Noah. Also we have decided we will only do cloth when we are at home and short trips. If we are going to be out of the house all day or on a bug trip like the zoo or something we will just do disposables to be convenient. Sean is happy with our choice in diaper brands as well. He likes the simplicity of the covers and how trim they are. We used a different brand before that was really bulky and made his butt looks huge. These ones we have now are nice and slim and look like a disposable. Rebekah doesn't really notice a difference. It will be so great to be back to saving money and not buying disposables every month and basically throwing money in the trash.