Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teaching Experience

I had the privilege of teaching Prenatal and Perinatal Massage in my Bradley teachers course this week. I had emailed her telling her about the course I took and she asked me if I would come into her class and teach about massage for one of the relaxation practices. I was overjoyed at the prospect. I get to practice my new skill, teach, and get my name out there. Yay for networking!

I was super nervous the day before and the day of, but by the time I got there and did the class I had calmed down. It went superb! I felt at ease and the words just came to me. Sean said I sounded really professional and gave some really good information and demonstrated the techniques really well. Sean and Noah came with me since the class was in Phoenix and I didn't want to drive out there all alone. Plus I knew Noah would want to eat just after the class and didn't want to use the milk I had pumped at work. He sat on the floor and played for part of the class but then got fussy so Sean took him exploring around the house. I got to tell my birth story again which I love. Then they asked some questions and practiced the techniques while I walked around helping. All and All it was a great experience. I hope to be called to come again.

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  1. Love your blog! Love the design and your posts:) super cute! I am moving to Arizona in the fall, never been before! eee, I'm scared!


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