Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh Baby!

I found out I am pregnant today!! Sean and I started trying in May. I was pretty sure I was pregnant when I started puking 3 or 4 times a day May 23- May 5th. I took several tests over the next 2 weeks and they were negative. I went to the doctor on May 2 and had a blood pregnacy test which came back negative. They found 200 white blood cells in my urine so they said I probably had an infection but those tests came back negative as well. I just assumed I had one and it had gone away and that we would try again next month. Today I was on day 2 of being late for my period so after many requests from Melissa I finally took one and it was positive! Calli and Rebekah were napping and Noah was supposed to be but he wouldn't. I was so excited I had to tell someone right away so I went into Noah's room and said "mommy's having a baby!" To which Noah said "yay I don't have to take a nap anymore!" Haha. He is so excited. Rebekah is still too little to understand but I'm sure she would be thrilled too! She was super clingy and smiley all day today. I love that little girly. I texted Sean who was at work and he was so surprised as well and really happy ! Baby Howell we love you and can't wait to see you! On and we are having a home birth this time :) due date is 2/18/2015 

So it begins! 

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