Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Howell Heartbeat

I had my 12 week appointment with my midwife Stephanie. Its so different than it was with an OB and I love it! I loved Dr Hazzelrigg , he was a great care provider but the feel of the appointment is different when its with someone you consider a friend too. She and her student midwife talked with me for an hour. It was so refreshing to spend more time with the care provider rather than in the waiting room. She did the usual blood pressure and pulse and weight and all that. I've lost a pound since my 8 week appointment but that's to be expected with the throwing up i had been doing. I'm happy to report that the morning sickness is down to only once a day now!

Then we got to hear the heartbeat! That sound has got to be the most amazing sound a women can hear. The healthy heartbeat of her growing child. Amazing I say! Stephanie then gave me a little replica doll of the actual size a 12 week gestational baby is. Its so tiny and cute! I took it home and showed Noah Calli and Rebekah and they got so excited. Noah hugged it and said he would put it down for its nap. Bekah tried to eat it haha.


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