Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend fun!

Noah and Rebekah were sick for a few days last week and were miserable. We were so happy when they finally started to feel better. Friday Sean texted me and did he wanted to do something fun with the kids when he gets home from work. We decided to go have a picnic in the park for dinner. We invited Grandma Howell to go with us. We all had such a fun time. We went to Freestone Park. It's one of my favorite. There is a little carnival there that has always been closed when I've been but it was opened that day! We fed the ducks bread, ate dinner, played on the playground and then went to the carnival area. Noah had been on a log ride last year when we went to the wild life zoo with my family so this was his second time going on a ride. It was Rebekah's first time going on a ride. I was surprised how much they both loved it! The ski jet ride went pretty quickly but neither of them got scared. Noah kept yelling out to me "I'm not scared mommy! I'm not even scared!" Rebkeah kept pushing the handles wanting to to go faster. Haha. I teared up a little watching them. They are so big! They also rode in the carousel and the train that goes around the entire park. 

Saturday morning I took the kids to the Phoenix Zoo with my friend Jessica and her son Sam. The weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. Jessica is officially my favorite person to go to the zoo with. She is like me with not caring what we see. We just followed the kids and walked casually around. I loved not feeling rushed or having to see certain things. We walked around for about two hours and had lunch then went home. Noah's favorite part of the zoo was the baboons. He thought their butts were so funny and he didn't want to leave. Rebekah's favorite was the lion. She roared at the lion and kept pointing at it wanting it to roar back.  Sam loved the lion too. I enjoyed watching their reactions to the animals. They are growing up so much. I actually just let them walk around most of the time. The stroller mostly just served as a carrier for my diaper bag and lunch. They were so good with staying close by and listening. Afterward Jessica came home with us and we hung out til the evening when her husband picked her up. 

I'm so glad we got to have such a fun weekend with them before Abigail comes. It was nice being able to give them so much one on one attention. Their little personalities are growing and they are such sweet children. They make me so happy. I'm so blessed to be their mom :) 

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