Friday, December 4, 2015

Our Tiny Rebekah

Our Tiny Rebekah

*she was delayed with her speech for awhile and we were getting worried. Turns out she just didn't want to talk ha-ha. 2 months after her birthday she just started to use more words. Then by 2 years 3 months she was using sentences. She has such a small sweet voice. Everything she says is adorable
* she has been playing a learning app on the iPad and now knows some letters from sight. R, O, T, S, C, N, M and a few others.
* she can count to 3 and knows a few other numbers
* she loves to color
* she is tiny. At 2 1/2 yrs she weighs 23lbs
*when she gets mad and we try to calm her down or ask her what's wrong she yells "happy Bekah!" Ha-ha. Umm no you're clearly not happy but okay silly girl
* She likes to play this game where she tells you that you are someone else - points to daddy "you Noah" points to Abigail "you daddy!" Then she giggles
* she loves it when you we pretend to be sad and then she kisses our head and we exclaim that we are happy now
* she loves to wrestle with Abigail.
*she and Noah play male believe now. It's so cute to watch
* she is our naked child. She takes off her clothes all the time. * she is partially potty trained.  She started it all on her own. She takes her diaper off and would go sit on the potty. She rarely poops in her diaper. She has gone a day or two completly in underwear and then she will go back in a diaper because she doesn't want underwear anymore.
* she is just so silly.
*she is a major daddys girl. She jumps up and down and runs to him when he gets home from work. She likes to stroke his beard.
* she is so maternal. She likes to put her baby dolls and stuffed animals to sleep and give them cuddles.
*she wickedly smart. She hatches plans to make messes and run away. 
*her hair is beautiful. We love her curls. Occasionally she has let me braid it and do fun things. Usually not. She is wild and likes her hair to show that 
*she likes dirt. It's her favorite. She loves throwing it and putting it in buckets and bags and carrying it around. 
*Minnie Mouse is her favorite thing ever. She loves her. She says "ninny mouse" 
* she says pup instead of cup. Anything with a c sound she says with a "p" or a "t" 

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