Monday, December 27, 2010

School, Morning Sickness, New House, Doctors Appointment, Etc

We haven't been very good at keeping up with the postings as of late. Its been about two weeks now. Sorry friends! We will do much better with writing. Not that many people read this anyway. But its nice to dream. Haha. I guess we mostly keep this for ourselves anyway. Its fun to go back even now with not so many posts and read what has gone one. It will be even better later when the baby is born to go back and reminisce on how things were with the pregnancy and everything else. So anyhow these past few weeks....

Morning Sickness Sucks!! Just in case anybody wasn't aware. Also the name is very misleading. Its not just morning, its also : nights, and afternoons if something smells funny or you eat something that doesn't agree with your body. I have thrown up so much in the past two weeks, its almost just a normal part of the day. I keep telling myself that it could be worse and that I have a pretty mild case of it. But still its no fun to eat something yummy and then throw up disgustingness an hour or less later. It has been better today and yesterday though so I'm quite happy about that. I was still nauseous these last two days but I haven't thrown up at all. That is quite an improvement from the 6 times a day that it had been. I think for the most part I have it under control now. The solution was finding out what things work for me and getting a eating schedule down. I was used to just eat at random times of the day but that apparently doesn't work for the baby. I need to eat at consistent times and small meals. Every woman I have spoken to about morning sickness has suggested crackers. This however, didn't work for me at all. I just threw up the crackers and that was just gross. The salt didn't agree with me. I've found that honeycomb cereal works best for me. Its sweet but not too sweet and has a subtle taste. I eat it when I first wake up and throughout the day to keep my stomach settled. Also ginger ale and apples are great for keeping me from getting sick. Sean is the best husband in the world! He has taken care of me so well and is so sweet about everything. I have been so tired lately and going to bed so very early and it has been driving me nuts. Sean however is so kind about it and makes me feel better. I just feel so lazy always wanting to sleep or just be sitting at home. But he sweetly reminds me "Honey you are growing a child in you body. It's going to take energy. Pregnancy sounds hard. Just rest"  It just makes me smile. He is so understanding and tries to be on top of whats going on with me and make sure anything me or the baby might need we have right away. Sometimes I just don't think I deserve him, he is so perfect for me.

Sean School update: He passed all of his classes this semester!! It was a tough semester and he barely skid by in one of the classes. This is both of our faults. He had a hard time concentrating and keeping up and I wasn't so great at supporting him in his studying. We blame it on being newlyweds. We are very happy he still passed his classes well enough that he won't have to take any of them again. We also promised each other we will do much better this coming semester. I will be better at supporting him and not distracting him and he will be more dedicated to his studying. He is signed up for 3 classes and still needs to find one more then he will be all done with enrollment.

We got a house!! Since deciding to start trying for a baby we knew we would need to move into a bigger place. We had figured we would just move into a two bedroom apartment in the same complex we are in now. Then things happened fairly fast to change our minds. We had been thinking recently about maybe getting a house instead but then found we didn't have enough money saved for a down payment. That dream quickly faded. Also the other thought was that we didn't want to get stuck in a house for the next 10 years when we weren't sure of where Sean would be working or going to school. So once again we had made the decision to stay in the apartment complex. Around the beginning of this month our friends Annette and Grant called us to let us know that they were moving to Texas and looking for someone to rent their house. They wanted friends to move in so that they can feel more at ease. Renting to strangers can be a nightmare with all the damage they can do to the house or moving without notice. So they offered the house to us. We went over the next day to see the house. I had already been over before and remembered loving it and thinking it is just so cute. Sean quickly agreed once he saw it. Its a 4 bedroom home in a good neighborhood, with a huge backyard. Rent is really cheap for awesomeness of the place too! Its just perfect. After deciding we for sure wanted the place the only problem was finding someone to take over our lease for our apartment. We still have 6 months left. That proved to not be much of a problem at all since we found someone fairly quickly. It was a friend of a friends sister. Funny how things just work out when its the right thing. Annette and Grant found someone for their house, we found someone for our apartment, and the guys moving into our apartment found some where to live. We love how well it has worked out for all of us involved. We move into the house Jan 10th! I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for taking care of us and blessing us so much.

First Doctors Appointment!! Today was my first appointment with my doctor. It went great! Sean was able to take the morning off and be there with me for it. My doctor is just wonderful. His name is Dr. Hazelrigg. We both love him. He was very helpful, informative and funny. I am 8 weeks pregnant and he said I am perfectly healthy and the right weight and my uterus is the size it should be at this point. I get to have my ultrasound tomorrow. We are so excited to finally see the little baby one. Well I have things to get done so I shall be back tomorrow with more updates. Love ya


  1. very exciting to move into a house! that sounds like it will work out really well for your situation of not wanting to buy yet. Sweet!

  2. yeah we are so excited! I miss living in a house and having a washer and dryer.


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