Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hectic Life

So this week has been very hectic. To start out, we decided to move. Our friends Grant and Anette decided to move to Texas and asked us to rent their Mesa house while they were away. Naturally we were very excited to do so because it is a house and not an apartment. We were super excited and all ready to start the big move on Tuesday. On Monday night however I got a call from my brother David saying that my mom was acting strange. He said that she couldn't remember her e mail password and couldn't figure out how to send an e mail once he logged her in. He also said that she just didn't look right. He hesitated to call the ambulance however because he didn't know for sure what was going on. Deana and I quickly went over to her home to see what was wrong. Upon asking my mom several questions and doing  several tests I discovered that she had some memory loss. We rushed her to the hospital. Doctors were able to determine that my mom had a bleed in her brain caused by high blood pressure. The memory loss was a result of  blood being spilled on her brain. She spent the entire week in the hospital while doctors got her blood pressure down and ran various tests to see if there were any other problems. The week was very stressful for both Deana and myself. I was very worried that my mom would not make a recovery and that I would never be able to have a real conversation with her again.
     On top of my mom not being well, we still had to get everything out of our apartment this week. Our efforts were severely hindered by the stress of my mom being ill and the time that we needed to put into taking care of her. Luckily Deana is a master planner and a very hard worker. She was able to get everything packed and I was able to get it all moved out by Friday afternoon. Our new house is amazing. We love being in a house and not an apartment. We are very excited to get everything unpacked and settled in.
        My mom is making a full recovery and getting all of her memories back. We are very grateful that things have worked out so well for her and for us.


  1. so scary about your mom ! Im glad she is recovering well though. Next time you guys should call me - I could have helped packed things up or whatever you needed. Thanks for the update tho!


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