Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love and other things

Last night (Saturday) we went on a date. Being married makes us forget to spend quality time together. When you are dating or engaged or newly married all you can think about is spending time together. Then when you're married it's still important but its an easy thing to put on the back burner because you feel like you are together all the time. We have had a lot of time together these past few weeks, espeacially with being sick and confined alone in the house together for a week, but spending time together and spending quality time together engaging in meaningful conversation are compelety different. We hadn't realized this until the middle of this last week about Wednesday. I was at work and I just really missed Sean. I texted him telling him I missed him so much and he said he missed me too. But it wasn't just the "we aren't together right now so I miss you" it was more like "I feel like I haven't really been with you and grown closer to you for the past couple days". He said he felt the same way. We looked back at the past week and discovered that yes we had been together a lot but we had been so busy doing other things and being sick that we hadn't been reading scriptures together or having family prayer. It had just slipped our minds to do those things and we could feel a difference in the way we were spending time together. Its amazing how something so small can be so big in our relationship. When we read our scriptures together and say our prayers together it creates this bond between us that just makes us feel closer together. I can't even explain it in words. After realizing this was missing in our lives we started making it a point to do those things and right away we felt a difference. Our conversations were deeper and we were able to show more love for one another. It isn't that we didn't love each other just as much when we we not reading a praying together its just that with that missing in our lives it was harder to feel the love as strong. I don't know if this makes sence to any one else but it makes sence to us. Somehow the love of our Heavenly Father makes it possible to feel a greater love for everyone. Last night we went on a date and it was such a wonderful night. We first went to dinner at Bill Johnsons (it was delicious food!), then we went to Dairy Queen and got blizzards and walked around the Temple. It is so beautiful there and seeing all the families just made us smile. Then after a while of walking around I got really cold so we decided to go home and watch a movie. Sean really wanted to see Red so we went on a quest to find it in a redbox. It really was a quest because we had to go to 4 different redboxs to finally find it. It was a very funny movie, which was surprising because Sean picked it out. Lately every movie he picked out for us to watch ended up being a flop due to it either being bad acting, inappropriate or both. So we would end up turning it off in the beginning or middle of the movie. I told him before we started Red that if it was bad he was going to lose his rights to pick movies, haha mostly joking of course. Luckily for him it wasn't dirty or bad acting, so he reserves the right to pick movies still.

On another topic, we absolutely love our new ward! They are so friendly and welcoming. We have been there 2 weeks and we already have a calling. We were called to teach the 12 and 13 year old boys. Sean has taught a sunday school class before but I never have so this will be a new experience. I have done primary and nursery many times but that is very different. With the younger kids you just bring a picture of Jesus and tell them some simple princilpe like Jesus loves you, or Obey your parents or Taking the Sacrament reminds us of our promises to Heavenly Father. But with the older kids I think they expect a little more than that so I'm a little nervous. Also another thing is that when we were called the Bishop told us that it is a difficult class to teach because they are so rambounxious but that if we love them and pray for help we will be fine. Kinda makes me a little scared but I know that Heavenly Father will prepare us in the way we need to do a good job in teaching His children. Then we met with the Sunday School cordinator who again told us that it is kinda of a difficult class and that one boy in particular will need some special attention. He said he is a good boy and will be the biggest help in the class....if he likes you. And that he doesn't respond well to stern "hey you sit down and listen to the lesson", or "Stop talking and pay attention". That the best way to work with him is to give him love and attention and he will be fine. So I'm really hoping he likes Sean and I. We found his mother and father and spoke with them today and told them that we will be there son's new Sunday School teachers. They both responded with a smile and laugh and "good luck" haha Then they said the same things that the Bishop and Sunday School cordinator said "He is a loving boy and great kid but he has more energy than most can deal with" We made plans to stop by there house (since they live on the same street as we do) and meet the boy before this coming Sunday so he can get to know us a little and hopefully make it a good start to being the teachers of his class. His mother also told us that he loves to help with outside things so if we need help with anything he would jump to the opportunity to come. I think when we do the yard work we can call and have him come help us and it will be a good time to get to know him more. I am really nervous for this calling and really excited at the same time. It's nice because its only durning one block so we still get to go to Preisthood and Relief Society. That is my favorite thing because I have really missed being in the RS and having that support from other women in the church. I know Sean enjoys the time he gets to be in Preisthood and hear the lessons and get to know the men in the ward as well. Also I am excited to be able to teach the kids about principles of the Gospel. I know we will probably learn more from them than we will teach them and that will be a great blessing in our lives. I'm nervous because it will be my first time teaching older kids and I just hope I do a good enough job and that they like us. I think Sean will be great with the lessons. He is so good at talking and explaining things to people and he is just a cool dude so I'm sure the boys will just love him. Next Sunday will be a learning experience to say the least. I love having a calling in the church. It makes me feel apart of something great and that I am contributing. Its such a great blessing to have a calling.

Other than that the only things new is I'm in a new week of the pregnancy. I'm 13 weeks now. The baby is growing bigger and I have to pee all the time. I'm not really showing much still, but I do have a tiny baby bump. If you didn't know I was pregnant you would just think I had eaten too much the last couple weeks and growing a donut baby. haha. Sean is doing great in school so far and we are hoping this keeps up. He is keeping ahead with his homework and understanding everything he has learned so far. Also living with Andrea has been a blast. I just love my little sister. She adds such a fun dynamic in the house. Sean loves having her here with us too. We still get our private time together but then when we want company Andrea is just on the other side of the house. Its perfect. It is nice to have her and the Britts (her two best friends that have become great friends of mine and Sean too) to hang out with while Sean is at school and in the evenings. Mom has started on the baby blessing dress and suit and I am so excited for them. She torn apart my wedding dress and with it is making both a dress and a suit so when I have a boy or a girl we will be prepared for the blessing. She did the same thing for Amanda and is now making them for me and next is going to start on the ones for Robyn. She is my other older sister who is also pregnant. She is 8 weeks along. I think that is pretty much all for now. If anyone even reads this. haha Talk to you later.


  1. Aw! Congrats to Robyn on being pregnant! Everybody is getting pregnant sheesh haha.
    We teach the 13 year old Sunday School class and love it! So many people had the same response and said that they're a handful and felt sorry. Ours are a hyper bunch but it's loads of fun :) I'm sure you'll both do great

  2. Its so true! Everyone is getting pregnant lately. I guess thats just the cool thing to do. I do know a bunch of couples that are still waiting a year or two to start having babies, so youre not alone. When you get pregnant there will be another wave of prego women. Its nice cuz I know my baby will have tonz of friends to play with. Thats fun we will have the same calling. I think that age group is always hyper. Thanks for the confidence in us.


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