Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awesomeness all around

First of all, Noah is just getting more and more cute every day. In fact its more like every second.

 This is his Sunday outfit. He looks so adorable all dressed up in his Sunday best.

 He loves taking his pacifier out of his mouth half way and sucking on his hand or one of his toys at the same time. Silly baby.
 He is a pro at sitting up propped up against things now. He doesn't even lean anymore or topple over. Now he is learning how to sit up not propped. He loves the view from sitting rather than laying. I love how he puts his arm like that.
 Not a great picture but this was from the breakfast with Santa on Saturday. Sean, Me, Noah and Jim went to the ward party. The food was cold but it was great to get a picture with Santa. Noah was pretty much indifferent to him though he got real excited when I grabbed him back.
 The red table cloth at the breakfast really captured Noah's attention. He stared at it intently and ate it and talked to it even.
He is so vocal these days. He loves to hear his voice and make different noises. He is really expressive with his face too. Always moving his eyebrows up and down and making his lips move, sucking on his lower lip. Just cuteness all day.

Sean and I went to our friends work party on Saturday and it was a blast! I wish I had pictures. Alas I do not. So you have to just read about it and imagine. Our friends Grady and his wife Rachelle and her sister Emily invited us to go to their (Grady and Emily) work party. Grady is a part owner of a software company and Emily is one of the customer service people. The party was at the house of the CEO of the company. Let me tell you, his house was HUGE! Like "MTV's cribs" big. The backyard had a tennis court, play house, giant trees that usually hang out in parks (yes they were that large), pool and a bouncy house thing. Sean said " I feel like Annie at Daddy Warbucks house" haha I also had the same feeling. It was so fun hanging out with the three of them. They are a funny bunch. At the party everyone was given $1000 in fake money to fake gamble with. They had roulette, black jack, and poker tables for everyone to play. Then after an hour they gave us another $1000 in fake money. Sean was really good he finished with $3200. We both decided that its a good thing we don't gamble for real. I would get such anxiety if it was real money I was losing even if it wasn't my money. It was fun though knowing we weren't really losing or winning anything. At the end of the night any chips we had left were exchanged for raffle tickets to be entered into a raffle for prizes. They gave out gift cards for $100 and the last prize was the best. Guess who won?!!!  That's right, THIS GIRL :)

I am now the owner of a KINDLE FIRE 
His name is Franklin. I seriously love this thing. Its so awesome. Its become my planner :) I ordered a case that makes it look like a planner too!

Isn't it lovely? Its still in the mail but should be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed X. A couple of the apps I have are the gospel library, a calendar app, a budget app and a ton of games. Its a pretty cool gadget.

Sean is to the end of this semester now. He has one last final tomorrow morning. He did pretty well in all of his classes and is ready for a break. He enjoys being able to be home with Noah during the day. I am still producing milk like a pro :) I get 13 to 15 ounces  every day at work and then 4 to 7 ounces when I get home after feeding Noah. When I'm home I feed him and then sometimes I'll even pump afterward just to get some extra milk in storage. It feels so great to not worry about providing for my baby. I'm very grateful for that blessing. I have a friend who's milk supply has gone down so I'm letting her borrow the extra pump I have so she can hopefully get her supply up again. I sure hope it works. Well that ends this post, have a lovely day :)

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