Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Noah is just a growin'

Yesterday Noah decided it was the day he would sit up without any back support. Sean said he was trying to help him to sit up by himself all day but Noah just couldn't do it. Then when I got home from work he did it! I say its cuz he wanted mommy to be there for it. He is a mama's boy and I love it.

 This picture looks like he is leaning on Sean's legs but that is a deceiving angle. He is up all on his own. He only did it long enough for me to snap 4 pictures, about 20 seconds or so, but he was pretty still. He then toppled froward and pulled himself up again. Such strong ab muscles!

 Auntie Onda

 Uncle David reading to Noah while Onda holds the book. Such a sweet moment

 We thought Noah was in the room sleeping, I walked into the room to check on him and this is what I found. He was moving is tongue all around and staring. He was so quite we thought he was sound asleep.

 Hanging out with mom. We like to send pictures to Daddy while he is at work so he knows what we are up to. Noah was quite comfortable laying there.
 Noah enjoys being on his tummy when he has a toy. He is a pro at rolling over from his tummy to his back now. He has also been trying to figure out how to crawl. He moves his legs and tries to get up on his knees but he hasn't had any luck as of yet. He can't figure out how to get his arms to move him.
We went to the park with daddy. Sean was walking Davids dog while Noah and I played on the swing.

Noah is just growing so much these days. It seems like everyday he does something new and cute. Lets see what he does next!

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