Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transition from Babyhood

I know Noah hasn't been a baby for many months now. He is a toddler. But it's hard to not think of him as my little baby. It's so crazy all the things he has learned to do and say. He is such a little toddler child. Not a baby anymore. Yet I find myself clinging to his babyhood sometimes. It's going to be a shock when I have Rebekah seeing how big Noah is compared to her.

He is such a sweet spirit. I love seeing him point out Jesus in pictures. And when he finds a picture of someone in the family he gets excited to say who it is. Sometimes I send pictures of myself to Sean and when Noah sees them Sean says he blows me kisses and says "hugs". He uses sentences quite a lot now. He is such a smart little guy. Sean said yesterday Noah decided his stuffed lamb needed a diaper. He grabbed a wipe and started wiping the lambs bum saying "poopy, ya poopy, clean it" haha. Then he brought the lamb and a diaper to daddy so he could put it on for him. 

Potty training is still going, slowly, but still going. It depends on his interest that day. He is pretty good at letting us know after he has gone. In fact he has on nuermous occasions brought us the diaper and wipes and laid on the ground for us to "change it" as he says haha. I'm sure once he really wants to be potty trained it will be easily done. 

He has been having nightmares a lot lately. Sean says he is enterninf he age that he starts to understand fear. He wakes up crying and sometimes screaming and all we can do is just hold him and squeeze him. Soon he calms down and hugs us back and goes back to sleep. I hope he grows out of this soon. I feel so bad having him so upset and sad. 

I can't believe he will be 2 years old in 2 months. Pretty crazy how fast it goes. 

Some fun things about Noah 

-he has such an adorable laugh. Especially when he is tired. It gets loud and fast and he shoves his fingers in his mouth

- he loves to "work out" he pulls out my yoga mat and does his version of jumping jacks on it and does tumbles. He also tries to do push ups and sit ups like he has seen daddy do. 

- he loves to point out body parts on babies. Like their eyes piggies, nose, mouth

- he gives closed mouth kisses now. But most of the time if you ask for a kiss he just leans in so you can kiss him 

- he says "no k!" When he doesn't like something. 

- he is a pro at the stairs and can go up and down with just holding one of our hands. 

- we are working in getting him in the toddler bed. He likes to come out to get kisses or hugs or water. So we end up putting him in the crib. We have heard of some suggestions on what to do with getting him to stay in bed. I will blog more on that later. 

-he loves the muppets! Sean plays this video of them singing the bohemian rhapsody song and Noah just is inthralled with it. He gets excited and does his dancing back and forth and saves his hand saying "hi muppets! Hi" over and over. He even sings some of the words to it. He also loves the Cookie Monster. He has a stuffed one and loves to watch YouTube videos of him. 

We just love our Noah child. Thanks for picking us as parents and blessing our lives Noah ! 

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  1. I can't believe our babies are so big!!! Soon we will have new tinies that will make them seem even bigger!!! Crazy!! <3


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