Monday, August 12, 2013

Rebekah's baby blessing

August 11th we had Rebekah's baby blessing in our church. Basically the blessing is a fathers blessing and when we put the baby's name on the church records. Sean gave her the blessing in our sacrament meeting. I loved hearing the words that Heavenly Father wanted Sean to say for her. He blessed her to be healthy and strong and to live a long and happy life. To know her Father in Heaven through efforts to do whats right and the teachings of her family. To be spiritually strong and decipher the whisperins of the spirt through the noises of the world. And to do well in the things that she wants to do in this life and that will help her to know that The Lord loves her and will always take care of her and look after her. It was so beautiful.

 After the blessing friends and family went back to Amanda's house for breakfast and mingling. We were so happy that Sean's dad and step mom were able to fly out from North Carolina to be here for the blessing. Saturday night we had dinner with them and my parents and Jimmy at Applebees and then went back to our apartment to hang out more. Then Sunday his dad and Joan came back to our place for some more time together with David and Jim before they left this morning. I see so much of Sean and his brothers in their dad. They have the same humor and way of talking. Its so funny seeing them all together.

The guys who were in the blessing circle for Rebekah were: My Dad, Sean's Dad, Corey, Justin, Jimmy, Scott (Elisabeth's boyfriend). Her dress was made by my mom back before Noah was born. She took my wedding dress apart and made a blessing suit and dress. They both are so beautiful! I love the dress! It looks like a mini wedding dress haha. Sean kept saying "hey mom look I'm getting married today" Silly guy. I love seeing him with her. Its so sweet. Noah was so adorable with her as well. He even said she was pretty. Goodness I love my family. 

I'm so happy that everyone was able join us in the special day to celebrate miss Bekah :) 

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