Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoo Trip

We had a perfect day at the zoo last week. We kind of felt like zoo keepers taking are off all the kids but it was super fun. Rachel (Scotts daughter) has a zoo membership so she gets her and another adult and 4 children in as part of her membership. Sean and I both were able to go so it was even better. Amanda asked if we could bring Cortney with us so she could have a fun day as well. We were so happy to. So it was Me, Sean, Noah, Rebekah, Amandas Cortney, Rachel and her kids Nathan, Courtney, and Timmy. 

We had so much fun showing the kids all the different animals. Rachel takes her kids a couple times a month so she basically had the whole place memorized and even knew the animals names. Noah kept waving and saying "hi" to all the animals. It was so sweet. I carried Rebekah on my chest for most of the day. We stopped at the splash pad for about 40 min or so and she played with us. It was a fun time. We were at the zoo for about 5 hours and the kids were so tired from all the fun they fell asleep on the way home haha. 

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