Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Littles Love

-Rebekah has her first tooth! It's the bottom middle.  It popped out on Saturday February 1st. She is a grouch with her teething. Poor girly. The one right next to it is coming next. I can feel it. 
-Noah has been cuddling Bekah a lot lately. He loves squeezing her and she doesn't seem to mind it even when he is a little too excited haha.
-Noah was having a difficult time with staying in his big boy bed. But since we started just putting him back in the bed without the cuddles and talking when he gets out (after he has already had prayer, story and song), he has been doing better. 
- Rebekah pulls herself up to standing all the time now. She loves it! She can even stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds. I think she will be getting close to walking soon! 
-Rebekah is a noise box and we love it. She babbles and squeals and squeaks. Haha its so funny to listen to. Noah isn't a fan though. He is so sensitive to loud noises so he gets pretty upset when she gets loud. 
-when Rebekah decides she wants something she goes for it and gets really upset if she can't get out or it is taken away. Little miss just knows what she wants. 
-I gave Noah a hair cut. I'm getting better at it and he is being better at staying still and helping me get it done quicker. The trick is to cover him with a garbage bag and set him up on the table with the ipad. 
-Noah and Calli dressed up in our Halloween costumes from last year. They were so so cute. 
- we have been making forts around here a lot. The kids love it! 

Grandma brought us some fruit for an afternoon snack yum

Hanging put in one of our forts 

Sean got sick for two days and the Noah caught it and had it for 3 days. Then Bekah and I got it for a week and a half! Yuck. Its so sad when the littles get sick. 

Noah came and read me stories in bed while I was sick. He is such a a sweetheart 

Noah and Sean's sick day. Poor boys

Noah loves him some grandma snuggle time 

Grandpa loves 

We went to dinner with my bestie and her cute family for her birthday! It was really fun and delicious food. Isn't she gorgeous?! 
Our babies love lemons. You can't tell by their faces but they really do like it haha

And we have cute husbands 

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