Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Progress Update!

I was a little  lot disappointed when I stepped on the scale and measured this morning. I am still at the starting weight of day one and I've only lost a half inch from my waist from day 15. I was pretty upset. I wasn't in the mood to work out and I just wanted to quit. It didn't help that both my kids are sick today. Poor little dears.
 I texted a couple friends and family and got encouragement to keep going. I really am so grateful for loved ones who believe in me. Melissa, Andrea, Jessica, Emily and Sean seriously helped more than they know :) I did my work out for the day during nap time and I have to say I felt even better afterward. I was sore and still am sore but I am glad I didn't quit. When Sean got home he took my pictures and I compared them to Day 1. I can still see areas that I need improvement but seeing the difference made me so happy. Sean gave me lots of complements and that really made my night. Working out is a hard thing to keep up but with a good support system and after having done it for months I'm hoping I can keep this a life style. I more flexible ( I can actually bend over and touch the floor with straight legs! I have never been able to do that before), I am stronger and I have way more endurance! I can go running for 30 hour and not be tired. Brianna, the founder of the Bikini Body Mommy, is simply amazing for doing this workout program for free for moms and other women all over the word. So here is the daily pictures from days 25 to Today Day 30 :) 

another cardio day done. I made my own hiit routine while Sean watched in the background haha 

My arms are getting more toned! 

Rest day means Family Fort time :) the kids loved it. 

I did 100 walking lunges in 2:25 ! Half way through I was thinking "why have contractions not started!?" Then I remembered I'm not pregnant. Haha. Lunges were my friend back when I was trying to induce labor. Not so much when the results are so quickly achieved. But I did it! The boat poses and oblique crunches are being felt the day after. Ouch. 

I love her face. 

Here is my picture comparing the day 1 and day 30! 

I don't know if anyone other than Sean will notice the subtle changes. I have muscle definition in my arms, my face is skinnier, I can see my abs now, my back fat roles are smaller, my waist is smaller, and my butt is smaller. I'm not completely pleased but it's not too bad so far. 30 days down and 60 to go!!! 


  1. I see a big difference in your pictures!!! Your doing great!!! We've got this!!! Your posture even looks better!! Love you :)

  2. Love to see the progress. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. I see a difference too :) You've have stuck to it so well so far and I'm so proud of you!! Deana is amazing and one hot mama ;)


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