Monday, March 17, 2014

Bikini Body Mommy day 53-63

Cardio day! I did a tabata style workout video from youtube. Noah and Calli did jumping jacks with me. Then Bekah pulled my face as I did elevated mountain climbers. Haha 

I rocked today! I did 46 rows, 16 elevated lunges on each side, 10 elevated push-ups 10 regular and 10 on knees push-ups, and 90 mountain climbers: 3 rounds of that! I got new running shoes from costco for only $20! I. Love them! Noah and Calli gave me a massage when I fell to the ground out of exhaustion. 

Noah and I worked out together! He rocked his walking lunges. Afterward he grabbed his napping gear and said we should take a nap I agreed! 

Intense workout! I was dripping sweat! 

I forgot to take pictures of days 60-63 but I followed along with the workouts those days too :)

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