Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My children :)

JWe are doing well. Noah and Rebekah are getting so big! It feels like it is going way too fast. Noah is a little genius child. He has a vast understanding of feelings and how to express himself. It's really fun having conversations with him. He loves singing songs and reading us stories. Its so funny to hear the stories he puts to the pictures in his books. He has started making up silly songs that don't make any sense but are hilarious to hear. He also sings along with songs on the radio in the car. His favorite radio song lately is "Say Something"  Rebekah is a wild little child. She grunts when she wants something. It cracks us all up. She will do what ever she needs to get what she wants too. She is a persistent and motivated baby. She has been standing on her own for months now and has taken her first steps. She has yet to break past taking 2 steps without holding on to something. She is so good at crawling and climbing over anything in her way. She tries to climb over the baby gate. Rebekah is such an adventurous trouble making baby! Noah is always telling and asking me to "get my baby!". She wants to be doing whatever he is at all times. It will be nice when she is old enough to play with him and not just bug him haha. She says "mama" all the time. She has also started to say "baba" when she wants/see her bottle. Daddy taught her that word. Sean is also trying to teach her the word monkey. haha He said he would be fine if she learned to say monkey before daddy. Silly daddy. Rebekah is such a daddys girl. She gets so excited when he comes home from work and crawls quickly to him as soon as he walks in the room. Her smile is biggest when he is around. Its adorable to see their bond. Noah is very much a mama's boy but is being nicer to daddy lately. There was a time when he wouldn't let daddy hold him or even talk to him much. It was not a fun stage. With some help Noah has decided that daddy is a cool guy again and will talk and play with daddy a lot. Rebekah is a little cuddle bug. I love how she stands between my legs and rubs her head on my knees asking to be picked up. We have such loving sweet children. We are so blessed!

Noah and Calli are still potty training. They are having great successes with it. Noah loves going on the potty and feeling like a big boy. He almost always tells me before or during him going in his diaper. I think it will click soon and he will be going all the time. We will see. Calli is trying and doing better at sitting on the potty and not crying. She has gone pee on the potty twice now! She and Noah are each others biggest cheerleaders on the potty haha. Its cute seeing them read to each other and sing.

Sean is still on break from school. He is going to be signing up for some online classes when we have the money saved up to pay out of pocket. He has a new calling in the ward. He is the employment specialist. He has received training on building resumes and working the church website for employment. He has meetings every Tuesday at the church to get with members and help them with getting jobs. He is doing a great job and enjoying it. Its also helping him with gaining skills for himself. Sean is getting so talented at the guitar. He practices every night after the kids go to bed and sometimes during the day. The kids love listening to him play. Noah has a little blue guitar that he pulls out each day to play with daddy.

I've been mostly just keeping the house clean and kids happy. I had to stop working out due to an injury and its been tough getting back to it. I think I will start back again after our vacation next week. I rearranged all the rooms in the house last week. Sean really likes how it all turned out. It was fun to try and do while the kids "helped". Noah and Calli helped picking out the trash and toys and putting them away. Rebekah mostly just got in the way and was cute haha.

We are going on vacation next week to Maryland to visit Jason Melissa and their kids. While we are there we are going to spend a day in New York with Onda and her boyfriend Jeff  as well. We can't wait! Noah is so excited to go on an airplane and to see his cousins. It will be so fun watching the kids all play together. 

Noah talks to snakes haha 

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