Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bekah babe

My sweet Rebekah,

You are almost 1year old! In a few short weeks we will be celebrating your birthday. I know I should wait to write this then but I just felt like doing it now. I'm sure I will find some more lovely things to say about you then as well. You are after all our little baby princess. 

The house is dark and quiet now. You and your brother are asleep in your room, daddy is at work and Calli is asleep on the couch. I have time to refelct on my life and blessings. It's such a tender time. I love you my sweet baby. You are growing such an independent, wild, sweet personality and I love watching it form more and more each day. I love seeing your tiny little body walking across the room for whatever you have decided to go after now. I can see the determination in your eyes, the purpose in each step. You are still a little wobbly in your legs as you strut to your destination but you are getting stronger each day.  Daddy has taught you to beat your chest when you are happy. Its a sight to see. You look like a little monkey child every time. Daddy cracks up and you smile even bigger. You love mommy and daddy but oh you are definetly a daddy's girl. Your head perks up when you hear the kitchen door open in the early evening and I can tell y know thats daddy walking in. You stand up and walk straight to him hands in the air with little baby grunts of joy. Your face lights up when he picks you up and you beat your little chest and say "eeeeeeeeeee" I can see how proud daddy is of his little monkey baby Bekah. I love watching you two bond. 

This is typical for you and daddy. You love being up high haha. No fear. 

Your Noah has gotten more interested with playing with you over the last few weeks. He can see that you are getting bigger and can do more things like he can. He loved watching you learn to walk and would even try to coax you into walking towards him by shaking a toy at you and saying "here Becky come get this baby!" You can climb now and you use that new found talent to the fullest. You climb up on Noah's bed any chance you get and the two of you try to push each other off. You are getting so tall we think someday you will be taller than Noah. He better watch out and be a kind brother now. Haha. He sometimes has a little too much love for you and he squeezes you harder than you like and you squeal. You make baby yelling sounds and grunts when you're happy and Noah yells out "chill out Bekah!" In a silly raspy voice he does to which you just squeal and grunt more haha. Such funny thing to watch. Speaking of climbing. One of your favorite places to be at and mommy and daddy's least favorite is the window sill. You have now broken six or seven blinds haha.

 Little moster baby is one of your many nicknames. Beck, Becky, Ra-Baby, and Beckers. You know and respond to all of them. Its funny how you can tell when we are talking to or about you. Your head turns so quickly to look at us. 
This is the face you make when you are getting into something you aren't supposed to and we call out "Rebekah! Silly baby get away from that" you turn and look, smile and then go right back at it! As to say "I do what I want" When you want something you get it! Haha. Such a go getter child. 
You have learned how to drink out of a sippy cup now and we have to make sure you have one of your own or else Noah's will go empty and he gets quite upset haha. 

Even though you are independent and wild you are also so lovey, and cuddly and even clingy at times. We love it. You are like a little kuala bear. 

You for the most part sleep through the night 8pm to 8 or 9am. Sometimes there are exceptions when you wake up once in the night but you go right back to sleep after a few minutes of fussing. We put you to sleep in our room and then after Noah goes to sleep we move you to the room you share. You can say mama, dada, baba. Not very many words yet but we know your vocabulary will blossom soon enough.  Right now you are happy with eeeee, oooooo, and various grunts and sighs haha. 

You love to eat! You have four teeth, the top two middle and bottom two middle. Your favorite lately are bananas, strawberries, pancakes, potatoes in any form, life cereal, chicken nuggets, oatmeal and yogurt. 

We love you my dear Rebekah. You are our little sweetheart. I love how loving you are. I love your smile. I love you sweet spirit. I'm so happy you are mine. I will always be proud of you and love you. I hope that as you grow and learn new things you will always remember who you are. That you are a daughter of Heavenly Father. He created you. He knows and loves you very much. You have such great potential. I can't wait to see what you do in life. But don't grow up too fast. I'm happy with watching you eat crayons and other baby things for much longer :) 

Love your mommy 

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