Sunday, February 8, 2015

False Labor is dumb

This pregnancy is so different than my pregnancies with Noah and Rebekah. I started having contractions that seem real and like actual labor contractions around 36 weeks. Then the Monday before I turned 37 weeks I had contractions for 6 hours that were 20 min apart. I thought that it could be it but they never got closer together so I wasn't too hopeful but still thought it could be it. Last night was the worst though. I am 38 weeks 4 days today which is the longest I've been pregnant. I know lots of women go past their due dates or at least right up to them and I probably shouldn't complain because so far I haven't had that happen. But when you keep having days you really think its going to happen and then it just doesn't its hard to not get irritable. Plus I had Noah and Rebekah early so its just what I have come to know as the norm for me. Yesterday started out as a pretty great day. Poor Noah has been sick for the last week. He has pink eye in both eyes and a cough. Sean and I haven't been sleeping well since we have been waking up to help unstick Noah's eyes and comfort him when he wakes up. He has eye drops we got to help so hopefully its cleared up in the next day. Any way, Noah has had a tough two weeks. Sean and I are tired and I'm irritable with the pregnancy stuff and Rebekah is in a hitting stage and Calli has been requiring extra attention so Noah has gotten the raw deal and was feeling left out we think. Sean's mom is awesome and took Noah for the day yesterday so he could just have a fun day all about him and I got a break and just had Rebekah for the day. It was so nice to be able to just focus on one child and play. Also I knew Noah was having a great day so I was so happy for him. He got to help in her garden, make pies, visit with his uncles. He had a blast. Noah is such a helper and he loves the outdoors. I'm so glad he got a fun day with Grandma. He was having so much fun he told her "I want to stay here a long time" So Elizabeth let him spend the night.

Rebekah and I went out with my mom yesterday morning and got our nails done and went to lunch. She had so much fun sticking her feet in the water while I got a pedicure and wandering around the salon. Everyone there just kept saying out cute and silly she is. I just love my Bekah babe. She pushed chairs around and played with the carts with supplies. She is cute so she gets a way with a lot haha. After lunch we came home and she took a nap. My friend Emily came over and we hung out for awhile. Then Sean came home from work right as Miss Rebekah woke up from her nap. The three of us played and had fun. Then at 3pm I picked up my friend Adriana and her two children and we went to the mall to walk around and buy shoes. Another friend, Brianna, met us there as well. We walked around for almost 2 hours and by the end I started having contractions. They weren't regular yet but they were getting more and more uncomfortable each one. we went back to my house and they kept coming. I was getting excited that it could be the start of actual labor but I didn't want to be too hopeful. Adriana left around 7pm. Brianna stayed for most of the night. At 7:30pm I started having contractions that were 10 minutes apart. From there they got closer and closer to 5 minutes apart for hours. Sean started thinking this was really it. He decided to go take a nap so he could be well rested to help me when things got more real. Brianna and I went for a walk around my block and the contractions kept coming and getting stronger. Elizabeth even came and picked up Rebekah and took her home too. Brianna left around 10pm and I kept having contractions. Sean and I watched some tv. I was still in denial that it was happening and kept thinking the contractions were going to stop so it was nice to have the distraction of tv. The contractions kept coming at 5 min apart and were more pinching and hurting more and more. It still didn't hurt a whole lot so I decided to go to bed at 11:30pm. I couldn't sleep because they were still uncomfortable. Then at around 2:30am they just stopped. I was beyond irritated. I finally fell asleep after 3am. This morning I woke up at 7am and I'm just so distraught that I'm still pregnant. I feel like an idiot for getting my hopes up and then it just stopped. You would think that by the third pregnancy you would know. But each one is so different! With Noah I didn't know for sure if it was it til hours after I started having contractions and they slowly got closer together as the day went on and they didn't hurt for hours, with Rebekah it was right away 5 min apart and they hurt right away. This time I have no clue what its going to be like. I just hope when I do actually go into labor this time I will know it. I also just hope I have time to get everything ready at home. 

Today is going to be a lazy, eat lots of ice cream and napping kind of day. I'm glad at least the kids had a great day yesterday. They are my favorite. 

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