Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's meet our new sister

A few hours after Abigail was born Grandma brought Noah and Rebekah home to meet her. She called us after they had woken up from nap and said she was on the way with them. We called Andraya and she came over to take pictures. I love her so much. She has been such a great friend and I'm so happy she was there for my birth and then after to record the moments of my babies all meeting each other.

Andraya was in the bedroom with me and Sean and Abigail when they came home. Rebekah came running in shaking her little girl curls. Sean got down on the ground with Abigail in his lap. Rebekah plopped herself right in his lap and showered Abigail with loves. She was so excited to see her. She then spent the next hour comparing her feet to Abigail's and touching her nose and eyes and face. She made her cute little "oh oh oh" sounds and snuggled her head into Abigail's face. Noah was slightly less interested haha. He came in and went straight to me sitting in bed. I told him to go see Abigail and he looked at my belly and was confused for a second. I told him she is down there with daddy. He said oh I'm going to go play with my toys. They are in my room. haha. We had moved some of his toys and the kid table out of the living room and into the kids room while I was in labor. Elizabeth encouraged him to stay and see the new baby. He went to his room for a few minutes and then came back to the bedroom. He looked at Abigail and and watched her for a bit. Then Sean and the kids all climbed into bed with me and we did some pictures. I asked Noah if he wanted to hold the baby and he timidly said ok. After she was in his arms he was pretty happy. He gave her a squeeze and stared at her for a while. Then he said "ok I'm done now." haha. I took her back and we did some more pictures. Noah got bored and went back to playing with his toys. After a while Elizabeth took the kids back to her house to spend the night. The last few days Elizabeth has been been helping so much with the kids. They spent the night at her house the first and second night and then we had them the last two nights. She came and took them to hang out and do fun grandma things Friday afternoon til evening and she had them again Saturday afternoon. Sunday is the first day we will have them all for the whole day home. I'm nervous but I'm excited to have my whole family home all day. Let's see how this family of 5 thing goes. haha. I will post pictures of the whole day later when I get them from my photographer. Here is one of the sneak peak ones she sent me already :) 


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