Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grandpa and our baby

The week has just begun and its already been a looong week!Sunday: We taught our first Sunday school lesson and it wasn't nearly as bad
as we (mostly me, Deana) imagined. It turns out we don’t just teach boys. There
is one girl in the class. It turns out she is the younger sister of a friend of
mine from girls camp. She is a sweet girl and said she really enjoyed the
"lesson" we gave. The boys weren't even as hyper as everyone said
they would be. I think they like us. We started out with telling them a little
about us and then asked them to tell us their names and something about them.
Then Sean started the lesson only to be stopped in the very beginning sentences
by a boy in our class, named Jake. Sean said something about how plants need
water, and then Jake finishes the sentence "like the living water we get
from Heavenly Father, We already had this lesson last week". So then I
decided to give a little devotional and then play hang man. I pulled my
scriptures out and read to them an excerpt from the bible dictionary under
prayer. They were actually really interested in it and a couple of them pulled
out there scriptures so they could find where I was reading. Then we played
hang man with one rule: the words had to be church related. This was a genius
plan because with each word or phrase that they did we taught a mini lesson on
it and they had a lot of comments. Sean told them a story about a cow
being stolen in a village and asked if the man returned the cow when he was
caught if that was repenting. Then they went through the steps of repentance. They
boys loved the story and said that Sean was so funny and random. We told them
that next week we will be on the correct lesson and they will actually have a
real lesson, so that means no hang man. They were totally fine with that and I
think happy to learn. After church we got set apart and it just made us even
more excited to be teaching this class. I know that Sean and I will grow closer
together and that we will have a good time teaching and learning from the kids.
Monday and Today: Grandpa Roland, my mom’s dad, went to the ER. He wasn’t
able to breathe so they had to intubate him (put a tube in his throat to
breathe for him). After hours there they found out he had suffered a massive
heart attack and that was the cause of him not being able to breathe. It was a
really tough day. I was at work when mom called me to let me know he was in the
hospital. She said grandma wanted Sean to come over and help my dad and Corey
(brother in law) give him a blessing. I called Sean and as soon as he heard
what was going on he left work to the hospital. A couple hours later mom called
and said that things were looking really bad and that I needed to come and say
goodbye to grandpa. Crying, I left work right away and rushed to the hospital.
The whole family was there all day. We each went in one by one (they only let 3
people in at a time and mom and grandma stayed with him all day) and said we
love him and talked to him for a while. Grandpa went from stabilized to un-stable
all day. They kept trying to move him but every time they started he got worse.
He was finally moved from the ER to the ICU around 4pm. Today he is doing much
better. He got the tube taken out and is breathing on his own. He is also
sitting up in a chair. I hope this progress continues and he gets to go home
Also yesterday Sean and I went to the second prenatal appointment. I lost
weight since the first appointment but I’m still at a good weight for just
getting into the 2nd trimester. The doctor also said that all my
blood work came back perfect. This made me feel accomplished because I am doing
a good job of making the baby’s home a good environment for him/her to grow.
Speaking of “him/her” we get to find out the sex of the baby on March 1st!
We got to hear the heartbeat again, but this time we recorded it, so I will try
to find a way to get that on here. We’re so excited to be able to finally put a
name to the baby. We will let everyone know as soon as we find out. Until next
time, peace out.

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