Friday, February 25, 2011

Since then

     Sunday was a wild day for us. Along with having our class to teach, we also were assigned to give talks in sacrament meeting.  Now for anybody else, giving talks would just be a little extra work, for us however, giving talks is super stressful. You see, Deana gets incredibly self concious and turns really red when she is at the podium speaking, and I have never been able to give a talk or a lesson that has lasted longer than 2 minutes. Neither one of us were very confident in our ability to give these talks without freaking out or coming up short. As things turned out though we were both very good. Deana gave her talk in a very calm and collected way without even the slightest hint of freaking out, and I was actually able to speak for long enough that I went over on the time. Many people told us afterwards that we had done very well. Deana's mom dad, sister andrea, and brittany leckey came to hear us. It was nice to have the support.

       Sunday school didn't go as smoothly for us as it had previously. The class was a little more wild on this particular day. We were able to get everybody except for one boy to calm down and pay attention after a short while though. The one boy that didn't calm down was very noisy throughout class and ended up getting into a fight (which he lost miserably) with one of the other boys. Deana even had to pull the apart as one of them was in a headlock. I would have but she got there before me, must be her motherly instinct coming out.

      After church we got to go to a co-ed baby shower for our friend Melissa. The baby shower was really fun and gave Deana the opportunity to spend time with some of her friends from high school. In other news, we will get to see what our baby's gender is on march first. We are both very excited to know. Deana thought that she could feel the baby moving a couple of days ago, but it turned out to be gas. :) Soon enough we will get to feel our child moving around.

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  1. They'll always be somewhat rowdy I'm sure. Hopefully no more fights though!!


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