Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jess and Kenny's

Today after church we went to our friends Jessica and Kenny's house for dinner and awesome hang out time. Its always a great time when we go see them.We had eggs and hash browns for dinner, yum!
After dinner Kenny looks out the window and says "oh what a nice day it is, it would be perfect for a walk" So we all took that hint and suggested that we go for a walk. We walked around on this nice dirt path by their house for about a mile. It was good to have the exercise and the fresh air. Sean and I decided that we should go on a walk together more often.  

Then we played this ridiculously fun game called Cranium Dice. It was girls against boys and I'm sad to say Sean and Ken won. Pretty much you roll dice that have pictures, letters, and numbers, then flip a card that tells you to complete one of four different activities that use the dice.
1. Complete sentences by spelling words with letters on rolled dice.
2. Doing simple math problems with numbers on dice.
3. Finding dice with specific pictures on them.
4. Creating a sculpture out of cards and dice.
  You will just have to trust me that it was a great game.

T-minus 1 and a half days til we go to the doctor for the ultra sound to find out the gender!! We are sooo very excited for this :)

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