Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas, a weekend event!!!

So Christmas was great! I was waiting for my dad to send me the pictures that were taken from that day so I waited to post this. Christmas day we spent with my side of the family and the day after Christmas we spent and celebrated with Sean's family.  Sean's brother Jason and his wife Melissa and their two kids Rachel (3yrs) and Alden (15 months) came from Virgina for the holiday :) They spent Christmas with her Family so the Howell's had Christmas on the 26th.

Rogers Christmas:  
We woke up at 5am! Yes you read that correctly, 5am!!! We are in fact insane. We all went to Amanda's and Corey's house for the festivities. We opened presents and hung out til breakfast. It was delicious! Pancakes, eggs and bacon. Noah was so very cute the whole day long. Sean kept calling him Christmas Baby. Noah got lots and lots of gifts.
 See all of the toys! Some of the are too advanced for him to play with right now but soon he will have the cognitive skills to play with them. His favorite is the yellow ball and the monkey as of right now. He just loves the sounds and feel of them.
 See his big smile! I just love it. We rolled it across the floor and he got a kick out of it.
 After breakfast we all went to Amanda and Corey's church for Sunday Christmas. Noah was in his carseat in the back. Amanda sat on Corey, Kirby was on the other side of Noah, I sat on Andrea and Sean drove. Why were we all in one car? Amanda's car is in the shop, Mom's car was full with Dad, Justin and Cortney and Andrea didn't want to use her gas. No this is not a good idea children. (later when my kids read this I want them to know they should never ride in a car with more people than seat belts.)
 Us in Church. Noah is such a cutie!!
After Church we all went home and took naps, except me I played with Noah. I wasn't tired anyway. Then we went to my parents house for Christmas dinner. My mom didn't want to be traditional so we had taco salad. It was yummy. Then we watched movies and chatted. That was Christmas at the Rogers house.

 Howell Christmas:
Howells Christmas is a lot less tradition based, but fun still. We woke up in the afternoon, we were so tired from the day before. Jason and Melissa and the babies got here at 1pm and we had lunch. Ham, potatoes, salad and other yumminess. They we unwrapped gifts. 

 Rachel is one adorable little girl

 Ondalynn and her boyfriend Brad. He was super tired. haha
Rachie loved holding Noah. She just thinks he is so cute. 

After presents we just enjoyed each others company and played games. Jason and Melissa are still here with us til Jan 4th. Its nice having the babies here and them getting to know Noah and the rest of us more. 

I'm grateful for the Christmas season and the emphasis on Christ and family. I'm grateful for my Savior and his Sacrifice for me. I know that because he was born into this world and died for me that I can be with my family forever and be with Him and my Heavenly Father. 

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  1. Hooray for a happy Christmas! Noah sure got a lot of toys and I love all of the photos. It's late but I'm excited to see you guys tomorrow


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