Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cancer Scare

No worries it was just a scare. But, a couple days ago my mom found a lump in her back and it was getting bigger so we went to the doctor and had them check it out and do blood tests. They said that it could be cancer and that they would do the tests and let her know. It took them all weekend but they finally got back to her and said that it doesn't look like cancer  is probably shingles... Wait you mean that virus that is like chicken pox? How do you say it could be something like cancer and then it turns out to be that? Yeah I don't know but we will definitely take shingles over cancer any day. I love my mama and I'm tired of her having to deal with all of these health issues. Someday maybe she can just be healthy and stop with these scares. That would be great.

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