Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick update whilst I'm at work and probably should be working.

I'm on a Do It Yourself Kick lately. I have been reading up on all sorts of recipes for things that I buy often from the store that turns out I can make myself. Tomorrow I am having a party with my sister Andrea with some friends and we are going to make our own laundry soap, dishwasher  soap and face wash. Yay! :) It will be great. I'm going to experiment with making my own bar soap for the shower and possibly liquid soap for the sink. I saw some recipes for shampoo but I'm a hair snob so I doubt that will be on the list for me to ever try. haha. I'll post more about each product later this week. Just wanted to let eveyone know what I have been up to. Sean is doing great with school. He is currently getting all A's. My smart husband. I'm proud of him. Noah is loving his bath times. He sits up all by himself in the tub now. Of course I watch him and keep my hands close to keep him from falling. After I wash him I just let him sit there for a couple minutes and splash the water. He has so much fun with it.

Oh and in other news. I got a raise at work today :) Yay! It will help with the insurance cost that has been raised and still have some left over for savings. Wahoo! Also I got a sizable bonus as well. Its a good day.

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