Friday, March 30, 2012

Whats Up

Sean is a smarty pants and is doing really well in school. He so far has all A's in his classes. Yay for Sean! :)
Noah has graduated to finger snacks. He loves his num nums. He is trying to hard to crawl but to no avail. Soon he will be crawling all over the place though I'm sure. Kenny has fun putting things in front of Noah and moving it around to get his attention and then moving it out of his reach just as Noah goes to grab it. Its really funny. Noah learned how to blow raspberries and does it all the time now. Also he still babbles and makes all sorts of other noises. Most morning as I am getting ready for work I hear him in his crib waking up making cute little sighs and then goes to a full on babble talk with one of his stuffed animals. Man I just love that little guy.

We are still loving living with Jess and Ken. They are such great friends and so much fun. We have still yet to make a big savings due to unforseen curcumstances. Sean got a red light ticket, he was busy thinking about what would happen if he got hit by the light rail he looked up and saw people in front of him had moved and by the time he realized it and went himself the light had turned red. Lucky for him there was a cop right behind him. He got a ticket and has to not only pay for it but has to pay for and go to traffic school. Money down the drain. Oh well though. This is a lesson on pay for what you do wrong, literally. I think its sucky about the ticket but hilarious about Sean thinking about the light rail. He told me he decided he would jump out the truck window onto the street if he got hit by the ligh rail. Also another money taker is the government. I blame them. We have to pay to get our car registration. Thats done through the DMV and the DMV is a governement office so its their fault. Its crazy expensive to drive. We should all just get bubbles and float around in them. Who's with me?! No more accidents, who could get hurt in a bubble?, no more bad drivers, no more ticket, no more money spent to fix broken cars. Its a genius idea. Some one get started on that.

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