Thursday, April 26, 2012

So much happening Not enough Blogging

I haven't been so great with blogging lately. I really miss it. I have returned! No worries. I promise to make more posts and keep everything updated on here. At church last week there was a talk given and the topic was on Family History. He said that its important to keep a family history so that other generations know who we are and what we did. He even said that a blog is a good thing to have because it chronicles things in our lives. I know I need to be better at keeping up my personal spiritual journal for those things that are too sacred to put on here though. I will be better at that as well. I want my children and my children's children to have a family history. Even if it is just my thoughts and stories. They will have a sense of what it was like to be me and they stories of their family.

So whats been going down in Howell Town? I'll give you the skivvy. 

Aren't we such a happy family! :) 

He is down to the last few days of this semester. Then just two more semesters til he graduates with his Bachelors in Psychology. I'm so proud of my man. He has been doing so well in school and putting so much time and effort in his classes. He has been part of some research studies as part of one of his classes and has had fun with those. It was looking like he would get out of this semester with straight A's for a while there but some group projects that had some not so helpful partners and some tough grading might have changed that. BUT the important thing is that Sean has been learning so much and is much better with multi-tasking and study habits. He is still working Saturdays to help with bills and such. He has finals next week and then will have a 3 week break before he starts summer school. Such a dedicated husband right! He is working so hard to get through his degree. He will be taking Spanish one and Spanish two. Haha When he told Jessica that he would be taking those classes she was so confused how he would do both at the same time. Tis not so. He will be having one during end of May to June and the other from July to the middle of August. Other than school and his weekend work day Sean is just being the sweet, loving, husband and father. He loves his Noah time and dates with me, his very lucky wifey. 

I have been working like usual. Its been a little stressful but I think it should be getting better soon. I work in the payment processing of a real estate services firm. We cut and send checks them to the vendors or property managers and signers. So turns out someone was stealing large amounts from the company. They set up a faulty vendor and was having the checks sent back to them so they could "hand deliver them" and was really taking and depositing them in their own account. Crazyness, right?! I don't know how anyone could be so dishonest. Not only is it just wrong but I would think the guilt would get to you and you would never know when someone was going to find you out. Well they were found out. And now has huge consequences. And now it affects my whole work team and all the other property managers. We had big bosses come in this week and watch us like gold fish in a tank. They wanted to see how we do things and the procedures. They wrote lots of notes and ideas and now there will be many procedure changes coming to ensure nothing like that happens again. I say again, Crazyness! 
Other than that I have been doing lots of massages as of late. I have typically had 2 to 3 massages a week this past month. Pretty good for a part time job right? I think so. Its great to have that extra income. We are still aiming to get the car paid off my June. If we do then we will be able to put the money that was designated for car payments to savings! Yay for savings and self efficiency! 
I haven't lost anymore weight for about 3 months now but good news I haven't gained any either! haha. Jessica and Kenny and a couple other friends have pointed out that they think I look skinnier. So Ive decided that looking skinny and healthy is much more important than what the scale says :) That said I still like to know where I am at. I know contradictory. So I have 16lbs to go to be at my per-pregnancy weight.  Conference! I still haven't blogged about that and its been so long! Pretty much I loved it and so did Sean. We learned a lot of things that we need to work on and improve. Also we got some good inspiration and answers to things we had been pondering.
Oh and I dyed my hair again. Its an addiction. haha. I massaged Andraya and she did my hair. Its so blonde! I haven't been blonde in over a year!! I love it. And best of all Sean loves it. He thinks I'm a cutie. Noah was confused for a second but then I fed him and he was fine ever since.

He is just the sweetest little baby in the world. We just love him so so much! Looking at him sometimes just gives us this overwhelming feeling of love. I'm so happy he is mine and that Heavenly Father entrusted him in our care. It is an honor to see him learn and grow. He has such a kind spirit and loves being around people. He will be a great missionary someday! 
Noah bug is eating more and more kinds of baby food. He is kind of a picky eater but my mom gets him to eat more. Sean and I have a hard time getting him to eat it but when he does he goes to town. His favorites seem to be rice cereal, tomatoes and oranges. Acidic things make him happy I guess. I love love love tomatoes too so I guess he gets that from me. I'll eat them like an apple. He has been making more sounds as well. He is getting really good at controlling his vocals. He mimics sounds other make pretty well. He hasn't started conventionally crawling yet. He does however crawl backward! haha Sean cracks up when he does it. Noah also rolls around still to get to where it is he wants to go. He also knows how to go from laying on the floor to sitting up on his own. Its so funny. He pulls one leg up to bend under him then just lifts the rest of him up. He gets such a proud happy face when he does this. Such an accomplishment! And he knows it. We are still using cloth diapers for him. Sean is a big fan of them now as well. The savings are great and we have gotten so used to them that we change them just as fast as disposables. We no longer us the cloth wipes though. Noah has sensitive skin and the oils kept causing a rash. We might try them again when he is older and not use the tea tree oil. I think thats what is doing it. We shall see. He is 9 months old today! Can you believe it! Us either! It has gone by so fast. Everyday he has learned something new so its been an adventure. I just love him.

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  1. Noah just gets cuter and cuter every time I see pix of him! Im glad you and Sean are doing well and staying busy! Good stuff. Great pictures that you posted - its fun to keep up with you guys even though we are not in the same state anymore.


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