Thursday, March 7, 2013

Savvy consignment Sale

My awesome friend Adriana and I got to go to the savvy sale tonight. It was amazing!! The savvy sale is basically a bunch of vendors that get together and give great deals on their merchandise. It was held at a church building in east Mesa. 30,000 sq ft of stuff and over 1000 vendors. Third trimester moms got to go in at 4:30pm. Second trimester at 5:30 and first trimester at 5:30. Then on friday it is open to the public. Adriana and I got to the church at 4:20pm. The line for the 3rd trimester moms was wrapped around the side of the entrance. We were so worried about that and the affect it would have on our chances of good purchases. We went to the check in table and turns out we were the first ones in line for the 2nd trimester!! Yay :) We made some friends in line with the 3 girls behind us that we ended up being behind in the check out line later.

We waited in line for an hour! It was so worth it though with the great things we got. Right when we were allowed in we rushed to the big items. Adriana got her stroller she needed for her mom and I got the last two swings available. It seems that the big items went the fastest. Most of the swings, strollers and carseats were taken by the 3rd trimester people that got in an hour earlier. I got the exact swing I had just been looking at online last night!! Its the fisher price precious planet swing that swings both front to back and side to side! Usually its $120 but I got it for $75. And I got my sister Amanda a swing for her to keep at my mom's house. Adriana and I helped each other find the things we each wanted and kept places in the check out line. I found her dream diaper bag. It's a ju ju be designer bag that she got half off the normal price. And she found me my dream petunia pickle bottom baby sling! I am obsessed with petunia pickle bottom. I actually just bought a diaper bag from their website last week.

Adriana and I both got new Breast Friend breastfeeding pillows. They are usually $49 but we got them for $18! Most of the baby items I had borrowed from Amanda so we had to buy our own stuff for Rebekah. I used Amanda's breast friend pillow with Noah and I absolutely loved it. Lets see.. what else did I get.. . I got a little bath chair, some maternity clothes (3 outfits for less than $20), sandals for Noah, a swing suit shirt and shorts for Noah, a huge bag full of clothes for Rebekah from size 3mo to 12mo, shoes and hats for Bekah, a cute canvas picture that said "Joshua" for Amanda's baby, socks for bekah, a couple hats for Noah, and a kitchen play area thing to keep on the balcony. I can't believe how much I was able to get. All of it was under $300 :) Amazing for all the stuff I got. Adriana ended up getting a rocking horse, diaper bag, stroller, breast friend and some toys and other things. I'm so happy that we were able to go and that we went together. Here is some pictures of the goodies I got :D


  1. oh awesome!! Sounds like some great finds. Does this event happen every year or a few times a year? So glad you knew about it and were able to go!

    1. It's two times a year. Spring and Fall. They have a facebook page.


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