Monday, March 11, 2013

My sisters labor

My sister Amanda had her baby last night! Watching her labor was so amazing and inspiring. It was her that made me want to do natural birth when I was pregnant. I was able to be therefor her first child's birth 3 years ago. Before I was even married. She kind of was the real push that sparked my interest/ obsession with pregnancy and labor. She had a very eventful labor yesterday. Sean and I both had talks on Sunday so my parents and sister Andrea and brother Justin were at church with us. We all got calls from Amanda that her water had broke at 12 pm right after church was just ending. Corey her husband was at work and she was home alone with her daughter Cortney. My parents rushed to get her and I met them with Noah and Justin at the hospital. Amanda had a huge support group there the entire 6 hours she wa in labor. Her mother in law Cindy my parents Sean Noah Andrea cortney my grandma carol her sister in law Kristen of course her hubby. We even Skyped Robyn occasionally. That's our sister who is also pregnant due in 6 weeks. She lives in Wyoming.

Amanda was so strong. For the first few hours she was having contractions every 4 minutes and wasn't even able to tell for some of them. Around 5 pm they got much stronger and painful. I was acting as a doula of sorts and helping with positions and massaging her back and hips. Also reminding he to drink and to do walks. My mom and Andrea were also great with helping out. Corey was wonderful and loving and giving her words of encouragement and holding her. They had some real tender moments. Towards the end Amanda's dr came in and had her in so many different positions trying to get baby Joshua to come down. His heart rate was dropping with every contraction. At one point it was below 80. The dr said that if he didn't start dropping down in the next 3 pushes they soul have to divan emergency c section due to his dangerous heart rate. He didn't drop. So we were all rushed out if the room and 5 minutes late a nurse came to the lobby and informed up he was born at 6:14 pm healthy and fine. And mom was doing well too. Corey held Joshua while Amanda was still out. It took 2 hours for her to fully come to and get to hold him. But before that they had him in a bassinet by her bed and she could look and touch him as she woke up.

Those last 30 minutes of her labor were stressful for everyone. We knew how important it was to Amanda to have a natural birth. And we were worried about Joshua and her. It was relieving to hear that all was well. Sean had taken Noah and cortney home hours before that. He brought Cortney to he hospital at 10pm to meet her brother. Noah spent the night at grandma Howells house. Cortney was such a sweetheart. She was shaking with excitement and nervousness. She said "that's my Joshua. He is so tiny and I love him" I'm grateful for my awesome supportive family. It was great to see how we all rallied aroun Amanda and Corey to help support an love them. Can wait to get off work and go see them!!

Here are some pictures. I'm not sure if they are all in order of which they were took.

Joshua David Henning (middle name after my Dad) born at 6:14pm on March 10th 2013. 8 pounds 5 ounces 21 inches long.

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  1. That's great you got to be there to help your sister. Idk if I could do that without passing out in that situation. I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end!


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