Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2 weeks notice

This was my first day back at work. Dropping them off at my mothers house. It was hard. 

That is an awesome and hilarious movie by the way. Sandra Bullok is a gem. Any who. Guess what this girl is doing tomorrow?!  Eek ! I'm giving my two weeks notice. I'm not nervous to actually quit. That I'm quite calm about. Sean and I have prayed about it for basically two years since Noah was born. We have both wanted me to be able to be home but it just didn't work out or line up til now. There was lessons I needed to learn from working I'm sure. Also hardships that we needed to go through. I know now that I will really appreciate and not take for granted the blessing to be home with my children. I want to be sure I do all I can to make it a good experice and do the best I can. I am looking forward to homeschool, home cooked dinners since I will have prep time now and just good quality time spent with the kids loving and learning.

The thing I am nervous for is the actual giving my two weeks notice. It's going to be awkward. I happen to sit right next to my boss all day at work. Usually we all kind of just do our thing but also have random conversations throughout the day. I'm nervous that might put a stink on the day and he won't talk to me much. I guess we will see. I was trying to decide if I should do it in the beginning of the day or end. I decided to go with the beginning. If its bit awkward that day it would be the next day anyway and I don't want to be thinking about it all day. I was goin to do it today but then realized it was 9/11 and decided against it.

By the way I shoul write a posting about 9/11. I will later this week.

Back to Sandra Bullok. Or no I mean me quitting.  I am having on and off anxiety attacks about this. I just hate disappointing people and I don't want my boss to be upset. More importantly though Noah and Rebekah will love me being home so it's worth it. This last week has been so hard! I don't know how I did it with Noah. I guess knowing I had no other option made me have to be string. But knowing I get to quit soon actually made it harder to go back this time. I missed holding my little sweet Bekah and talking to her all day and seein her smiles. I missed Noah talking and saying silly sweet things. I just think about them all day and all the fun things we could be doing if I was home. I cried so much at work this week. And then again when I am home and they go to sleep and I think about having to leave again the next day. Noah has thrown a couple mini tantrums when I have left this week too. It's so hard leavin when he tells me not too.

It's been hard for Sean too. He just wants me to be happy and to he with our children. He hates seeing me so sad and my heart hurting. I just know that God gave these children to me to raise and I want to be there doing it 100%. I know that working moms are just amazing too and take care of their children.  I've been there for the last two years but I'm excited to start the new chapter in my motherhood and be home.

I hate pumping but I'm glad to give my baby the best! 

Sean and the babies hanging out before he leaves for school when grandma Howell comes to watch the littles. 

She is pretty :) 

"I'm at work and this is dumb"face. 

Soon I get I be a SAHM!! Can't wait :) 


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