Friday, September 27, 2013

President of Domestic Operations

I'm officially a stay at home mom ! Words can't describe my joy right now. Its so great to finally get to be home with my children. I have so many plans! Home school, trips to the park and museums, better lamed meals. I know I won't be perfect but it will be awesome. I'm so grateful for the opertunity to have worked at Cushman and Wakefield. I will miss the people and the fun times there. I learned so much being there.  My last day was so great. They surprised me with pizza, and a delicious cake! I usually don't like cake but this was amazing! It tasted like it had ice cream in it! The best part was the card they gave me. They wrote such sweet things in it. It was weird to see my desk so bare and to shut down my computer. I cried a little as I walked out at the end of the day for the last time. It was a fun 3 years. I'm so happy to move onto the next chapter in my life of staying home with the kids. Wahoo!! 

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