Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bink in the trash

Last night I was telling Sean we need to have Noah throw it away himself so he knows its all done and he is a big boy. Noah heard us talking and ran to the kitchen and threw it in the trash. Then he immediately started crying after he realized what he had done. It was so sad. We didn't want to do it last night though cuz he was feeling sick so we were going to do it when he felt better. He has an ear infection and a cough. But he heard us talking and he is so obedient and he just did it. But once in the trash we can't just grab it out for him or he will never get off the bink. So I asked him to throw away the other one and he did but then cried harder. Poor guy. We told him that he is a big boy and doesn't need them and babies use them. He saw Bekah had hers and said "Bekah has a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!!!!!!!!" Haha. He was crying but not so bad. We told him that babies get binks but big boys get lots of better things that babies can't have. Like fruit snacks and Popsicles. He got excited for that and we gave him a Popsicle as a reward for being a big boy. He went to sleep without it just fine at first. He didn't even cry. But then the rest if the night he woke up every hour to two hours til 4am when he slept til 7am. He wasn't crying for the bink he was just in pain from his ear and wanted to be cuddled. So he slept on the couch with Sean with a heating pack on his ear. I hope tonight is better for him. It will get easier as he feels better and as the nights go on without it. My little boy is growing up so much. He is such a sweetheart. 

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  1. aww, that is so neat he threw them away on his own. wow. kids are so amazing sometimes. I hope he feels better soon!


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