Monday, October 7, 2013

Ears and big bed

I totally think I missed blogging about Bekah getting her ears pierced.  I Instagramed in but don't remember putting it on here. Sean and I had talked about it before and decided that we wanted to do it before she was too old and would remember it hurting. Also it was super easy to take care of and clean with her being so small. The earrings are super cute! And she looks darling with them. 

This was just before we got them pierced. I went with my mom and sister Amanda to get pedicures. This is how a mom does it haha. She fell asleep on my lap and stayed asleep til I had to get up. 

Noah is now an even bigger boy. He is officially in his big boy bed and he is doing so great about it. I think he just loves the freedom to wake up and get out of bed all on his own in the morning. He does a great job going to sleep and staying In at night. There has only been two difficult nights with putting him to bed since we started last week. I'm so proud of him :) 

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