Saturday, October 5, 2013

The things my kids do

Seriously I am so blessed to be the mother to my beautiful sweet children. They do such cute caring silly things. I wanted to record all the things they have been doing lately. So here it is in the first installment of "things my kids do". 

Rebekah is a smiley little girly. She rolls over like a pro. She is so good at grabbing and holding her toys. 

Noah is so silly and says the funniest things. He likes to hold Bekah and give her hugs and kisses.

Noah sings "teach me to walk in the light" which is so special because I have sung that song to him every night since he was born. He sings so many songs now. His favorite is "ring around the poises ashes ashes Noah falls down!" 

Rebekah is fascinated with her hands and sucks on the all the time. She is holding toys now and bringing them to her mouth. 

She loves when daddy sings to her 

Noah gives her hand kisses 

She was squeezing his cheeks. 

I painted her baby nails. 

Hanging out during conference 

He helped me make meatloaf. He told me "messy meat. This is messy mommy" 

He is so pro at the ipad now 

Loves pushing her in the swing 

Bekah sucked on an apple. She said it was yummy. 

Noah bug likes to help. E with the laundry. Such a good helper 

This was adorable. He wanted to push the stroller all on his own so he did. He pushed from the front so he could look at Rebekah. So precious. 

This is a picture of my siblings (minus Andrea she is 3 years younger). I'm 3 months here. Doesn't Rebekah look exactly like me!? Noah is a mini Sean and Bekah is a mini me :)

He puts the pacifer in her mouth. 

He sees Rebekah suck on her hand so now he does it too haha

Eating her toys. 

Love the new hair bows I bought on amazon. 

One of Noah's favorite games is pretending to take a nap. He asks us to "cover me with a blanket. "

He loves his sister

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