Friday, April 25, 2014

Black Light Run

2 weeks ago Sean and I did a 5k with one of my besties :) It was challenging but also a lot of fun. The run was in benefit for Phoenix Children's Hospital. We signed up for it months ago when it was planned to be in May. The event was moved up a month so we weren't exactly prepared for it. Sean and Melissa could have gone way faster but they were kind and stayed with me haha. It took us a little over an hour to finish it. As the name suggests it was a run at night with black lights. As we ran we came to different check points where people threw colored powder on us. It was so cool to see all the colors and glow in the dark. I think the run could have been better planned out but other than that it was a good time. There weren't enough lights to see where we were going so sometimes people would fall. Also there was only one water station in the middle of the run. Definitely should have been more. This was the second 5k Melissa and I have done and Sean's first. We plan on doing more in the future. I think Sean would love the ROC race so I hope we can do that again next year. Not sure if I will do this one again though.

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